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Tiger Farms

Are tiger farms bad? If we stand back and just get a gut feel for this question, a lot (a majority, I would say) of us would think tiger farms are hideous. How can we take the most popular wild animal in the world and farm it!? How can we turn such a proud and precious animal into farm livestock? It sounds disgusting. "To me it is disgusting," Valmik Thapar (a prominent conservationist) thunders. "It's not civil to have tiger farms; it's not part of anyone's dream." (I have quoted Mr Thapar and I am sure he will allow it).

But if we put away all sentiment it could be argued that tiger farms are a good idea at least on first impressions.

tiger farms

Farms like these are selling tiger bone wine and other products. The photograph (which I have selectively cropped), is by International Tiger Coalition. People are free to use this image on condition that they provide a credit. I can feel the stress these tigers are feeling cooped up like this, wholly unnaturally.

If the tiger has been poached to extinction (nearly) or its habitat and prey eroded to the point where it shares land with people to the demise of the tiger and a few people, then tiger farms are one way, on the face of it, to reduce poaching and preserve this big cat in the wild. And the unsentimental will say, "what is the difference between a tiger and a rabbit?" Both are wild animals and both are used for the pleasure of mankind, in one way or another. So why aren't we shouting from the rooftops about the rabbit or the horse, which is eaten by some people.

The reason why a gut feel is, in fact, the right feel is because tiger farms are a complete fraud and a sham. If they are meant to be a means to help preserve the wild tiger, they don't work. It is even more basic than that, it is simply about money, nothing else, making money from tigers in a cruel and uncaring way.

One reason why they are a sham, and dangerous to the wild tiger and not a benefit to them, is because the people who own and run these farms are lobbying the authorities (presumed CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) to allow tiger parts from the farms to be traded (in breach of CITES currently). If that is allowed, it is argued that, the trade in tiger parts will be encouraged and expanded and muddied up at a time when it is most critical and important for there to be a tightening up of CITES restrictions and not a loosening up.

tiger farms
Tiger Farms - Photo by International Tiger Coalition and thanks to Big Cat Rescue for showing these pictures on their website.

Here are some other reasons why tiger farms are bad:
  • 5,000 live tigers are kept on tiger farms in China. There are about 4,000 (the figure is not certain) in the wild and 12,000 in the USA as "pets". The photograph below shows us how these farm tigers are treated at the end of their lives in very limited captivity:
tiger farms
Tiger Farms - Photo by International Tiger Coalition (cropped)

Yes I know we are disgusted by this image, those of us who have retained a sense of what is right. What you are looking at is the most popular wild animal in the world reduced to trash and meat, chilled flesh and bone, bereft of dignity. The owner of this farm was keeping what was left of the tiger bodies (you can see one has been skinned) until it becomes legal to trade in body parts. And CITES had asked, formally, China to investigate illegal sales of tiger meat at the Guilin farm. What is CITES doing asking China to investigate? This is preposterous. It is like asking the police to investigate an assault perpetrated by an officer on duty. Do we ever get a result from such an investigation? No. It is like the kind of investigation carried out by the Financial Securities Agency (FSA) in the UK (charged with monitoring the bankers) in investigating financial frauds -- forget it. It does not work. There is not enough independent and neutral control and management.

And it really is about attitude. I have yet to see someone talk about the attitude of people who find doing what is illustrated normal and acceptable. Surely this is at the root of the problem. Some people (sadly a lot of these people are in an area which is near where the tiger's habitat is) just find it acceptable to treat tigers as livestock. Actually, it is worse than that, you wouldn't treat livestock in some countries as the tiger is treated on tiger farms. I am sure that if a health and safety official visited a farm in the UK and found cattle lying around like these dead and mutilated tigers, he or she would make a formal complaint. So I conclude that the Chinese people involved in this business (not all Chinese please note - I don't want someone saying that I am racist, I am not) think of tigers as livestock on a farm. Many millions of people in the west think of tigers differently. And allowing tigers to be farmed will simply perpetuate this outdated and outmoded attitude.

The only long term answer is to educate and change attitudes and that will require the agreement of the Chinese government. To get their agreement there has to be a financial reward. The loss of the tiger in the wild is a world problem. The tiger belongs to the world and the world must find a way to save this animal.

The overriding problem, though, is that the majority of the people of the world do not know about this or if they do, they don't care sufficiently. How many people know about tiger farms? How many people ask whether tiger farms are bad? Lets guess, 2 million in the world. That represents 0.033 percent of the world's population, an infinitesimal amount and of no consequence. People generally, globally simply do not know or care enough to change things. And I am not being critical. It is just human nature.

It is shocking to realize that, "The 171 member nations of CITES made it clear last month that ‘tigers should not be bred for their parts and derivatives.'” The Chinese tiger part dealers are particularly bothered about this statement, are they? No. Some say that the Chinese have banned (in line with CITES) tiger body parts, but I for one don't believe it. The body parts of wild tigers are still being traded because no one is enforcing the CITES ban and there is too much money in the trade, which becomes more valuable as the tiger becomes rarer. Another factor: it costs 250 times more to raise a tiger in captivity than it does to poach a wild tiger. Killing wild tigers is more economically viable.

tiger farms
Tiger Farms - Photo by International Tiger Coalition

OK, what else is bad about tiger farms?:
  1. Chinese tiger farmers say they are making a loss. This is because of the 14-year ban on domestic and international trade in tiger body parts. They want to open trade again. Question: how have they stayed in business for 14 years if they are making a loss? And if they started up within the past 14 years why did they go into the business if it was loss making. We don't believe this kind of comment do we?
  2. Look at the pictures of the tigers waiting to be killed for their body parts. How do you think they feel? They are very static, very hot. They live in very small spaces. A tigers natural home range is 7-58 square miles - src: This is torture waiting for (probably) a brutal death to be cut up and parts sold for the ridiculous Chinese medicine market. Why people in this day and age harbour medieval thoughts that a bit of a tiger can cure you of an illness is beyond me.
  3. Apparently the owners of these farms show compassion for people who come to the tiger farms seeking and pleading to buy tiger bone to cure rheumatism. The tiger farm owners say they must reluctantly turn them away because of the restriction on trade. I guess the tiger farm owners don't tell them that tiger bone does not cure rheumatism and that it is all hocus pocus.
  4. There is no need for original animal body parts in Chinese medicine. There are effective (probably far more effective than the tiger part which cannot be effective at all) substitutes. There is no need to treat tigers like this.
  5. The farms sell tiger bone wine and tiger meat even. This is hideous and has nothing to do with conservation of the tiger, it is plain callous commercialization of an highly endangered animal.
I have to quote John Stellar, CITES's enforcement chief: "Wild tigers are about to go down the toilet, and we don't seem to be doing anything about it. The international community has been pouring money into this, and we have failed." As I have said we need a completely different attitude and really we need to shut down all Chinese tiger farms. CITES can't do this. No one can except the Chinese government and they are a very cynical government and will never do anything that undermines their power. Upsetting business undermines their power base. And tiger farms are big business. The problem should be tackled from a business perspective.

tiger farms
Tiger Farms - Save me please - Photo by International Tiger Coalition.

On the basis, as mentioned, that the tiger belongs to the world (and not humans) and its extinction in the wild is a world problem, I suggest this as a solution to the tiger farms problem:
  1. Provide China with some sort of political incentive to close tiger farms. America is talking to China currently on economic matters, why can't the tiger be brought into the discussions?
  2. The major nations of the world pool resources, including China, to recompense those businesses who are involved in the tiger body parts trade when the trade is shut down. The Chinese must shut this trade down but to make it palatable there has to be compensation.
  3. In tandem with this there should be a nationwide program of education in China initially on alternatives to ingredients to Chinese medicine along the lines promulgated in the west. There are effective substitutes for all the tiger body parts that are used in "medicine".
  4. As to skins etc. there is no short cut here. The traders should be compensated and retrained once trade is banned with proper enforcement. There is arguably a need for a world enforcement team along the lines of the UN.

It is April 2021, quite a few years after I wrote this article (March 2009) and tiger farms have got worse as we would expect because China is very industrious at whatever they do. The demand for tiger body parts is bound to grow therefore they need more tigers to slaughter like livestock to supply the body parts. 

Incidentally, a bit of good news but only very incidentally to the main topic: China's human population is stagnating. Their citizens are not having babies despite the government's attempts to encourage them to have families. The one child policy has long been removed and now they can have 2 children but citizens are not taking up the offer. This means the demand for tiger body parts might level off and stabilise but perhaps I am being overly optimistic.

It is said that today, in 2021, China's tiger farms have turned a wild animal into a species worth more dead than alive. Tigers are reduced to living in just 6% of their former distribution and they've become more valuable as livestock and to be slaughtered than to watch them and admire them in the wild. China has reduced them to that status in my honest opinion. But other countries also have tiger farms and they are all in Asia.

As tigers become rarer in the wild because of poaching and human population growth in India where the Bengal tiger primarily lives, they become more valuable in captivity, on farms. One of the most popular tiger products is tiger bone wine, a concoction that is claimed to treat arthritis, impotence and rheumatism. Perhaps it is claimed to cure pretty well everything and people believe it is well. There is no science to back this up.

Tiger body parts are cooked for wealthy businessmen and bureaucrats because they like to demonstrate their elevated social status and their wealth. They also think that eating bits of a tiger does them some good in some way.

There are now estimated 8,000 tigers held in captivity on farms across China and in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam as at the date of this update. They are housed in appalling conditions, concrete floors, barely enough space to allow them any form of normal exercise, completely unnatural habitat et cetera. Tigers bred on these farms for their bones are often malnourished and it is said that their deaths are deliberately induced by starvation.

One worker said that a skeleton is a bag of bones which is what they're looking for anyway. Tigers bred for meat rather than for bones are plumped up by being pumped full of liquid and force-fed to make them as fat as possible. The farmers fatten them up because they get more money for their carcasses. They can barely stand at the end of their lives with their stomach scraping low to the ground.

These tiger farms are described as speed-breeding factory farms providing raw materials for high-end products. It is a conveyor belt from the creation of cubs by a mother who is quickly brought back into heat by removing her cubs once born. They are used as forms of entertainment. Visitors can pay to cuddle and bottle feed them, take selfies with them for their social media webpages. Then once the cubs have grown up they can be fattened up and slaughtered. Everything is commercialised.

This once magnificent creature has been reduced to a commercial asset, to be maltreated as livestock and then fed to the arrogant and hungry mouths of rich bureaucrats in China and Laos.

Are Tiger Farms Bad? to Bengal Tiger Facts


  1. This is an excellent article, my friend-and we are pondering this from every direction in CARE2-there seems to be a lot of pressure on China from the world markets-one large one is Japan to open the farms again...we are hoping for a resolution. Thanks for your compassion.

  2. this may not sound to good but i dont care.....i am a little girl im just 13 years old but i make a promise to all of you that i will find every single person in china that have something to do with tiger farms and i will find them and I WILL KILL THEM!!!!!

  3. and if any other country thinks it good that chinas doing this to tigers and starts doing it to i will kill them as well!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi MMAADD, I am just as mad as you about this. I feel exactly the same way. Sometimes I fantasize about going over to China and killing them all in an orgy of blood and hate! What they do is hideous and a total disrespect for a beautiful and proud animal that we love. The world in dysfunctional and we cannot live in harmony with our fellow creatures.

    You are a very smart 13 year old! But don't go to China to kill people. Try and put pressure on them. Start a Blog like mine and talk about it. Take care MMAADD.

    Michael AKA Freddie (the person who wrote the article)

  5. So...why is it okay to farm chicken, sheep, pigs (which are as smart as dogs), cows and other animals but not tigers?

    Sure I'd like to see them taken care of better, but the animals I mentioned above are sometimes not raised to great either, but we don't ban them.

    Personally, I think we need to keep our nose's out of other countries when it comes to which animals they like to farm and eat.

    If people from India said they were offended at the countries eating beef and wearing leather, would we stop doing it? Should we?

    And MMAADD, please go see a counselor.

  6. Hi Rawr, Thanks for the comment. I wrote the article so I'll try and answer your well made comment. I hear the kind of thing you say quite a lot.

    Firstly the tiger belongs to the world. The tiger has no country boundaries. The tiger is the world's favorite animal. This gives me and others the right to discuss and criticise where appropriate even though we are not living in the country concerned. There are so few tigers left that all peoples should be involved.

    I thought I explained why it is wrong to farm the tiger in the article. The other animals are breed as livestock. Thy have been livestock, farm animals, for centuries. People are omnivores so we like to eat meat. Farm animals are created and managed to keep us alive.

    Tigers are wild animals. They grace the world as one of the world's most impressive and beautiful wild animals. They have never been farm animals, domesticated, until the Chinese created tiger farms.

    And they are not bred to supply food for survival but body parts for bogus medicinal purposes.

    Also, it seems, they are on occasion, treated less well than livestock (look at the pictures).

    For these reasons tiger farms are hideous. They are wrong. And above all they "feel" wrong to us all. We don't actually need to produce arguments.

  7. Oh, a P.S.... MMAADD has a right to be mad and doesn't need to see a counselor. I think she is justified in being mad as there is a hell of a lot to be mad about in this world and tiger farms are one of them

  8. "For these reasons tiger farms are hideous. They are wrong. And above all they "feel" wrong to us all. We don't actually need to produce arguments."

    It doesn't feel wrong to me. Like I said, it probably feels "wrong" to many, many people in India that we slaughter cattle.

    An animal is an animal. They all feel pain. If its okay to breed ungulates and slaughter them by the billions, then its okay to breed and kill tigers.

    Would it be acceptable if they bred tigers until they were deformed and not fit to survive in the wild like we have done to chicken and cattle?

    They have all their instincts like a tiger, its just that they are unable to live out in the wild due to selectively breeding them to be fat and unfit/deformed so we can manage them better.

    Even "domestic" animals raised away from humans become feral. Go try to pet a feral cat that has had no human contact; they're just as vicious as wild cats in Africa.

    And saying its okay to kill some animals but not others because of their beauty is moronic. According to that logic if people think Neopolitan Mastiffs are hideous that means its okay to kill them, but not a German Shepherd because they "look pretty."

    I personally think many pheasants and breeds of chicken have incredibly beautiful plumage and color, but I'd never say its not okay for people to eat them because they're "too pretty."

    Face it, even if these animals were being bred and killed primarily for their meat, you'd still be against it.

    Try not being so ethnocentric.

  9. I stumbled across this blog looking for information on tiger poaching for a speech I am writing. I just wanted to add a tidbit of information that seems to be overlooked: every subspecies of tiger is ENDANGERED.

    Some subspecies have already gone extinct, such as the Balinese and Javan Tigers. The Caspian Tiger may not be extinct after all; a recent genetic study shows that Caspian Tigers are practically the same genetic species as Amur (Siberian) Tigers. Amur Tigers themselves once numbered under 50 in the wild, with current estimates at only 450 to 550.

    It's not a matter of "They're pretty, let's not kill them!" It's a matter of "We shouldn't let these wild creatures go extinct!"

    The problem with "farms" and the sanctioned captive breeding programs done by zoos, is that the tigers born in it are UNABLE to be released into the wild. They lack fear of humans, the ability to hunt to feed themselves and the knowledge of the wild territory. So, no, captive bred (or "farmed") tigers do NOT have their natural tiger instincts.

    I’d like to point out a serious question: Where did the “farms” received their tigers to begin with? There is a 2007 report that states 5 tigresses were killed and their 3 cubs were stolen. That scenario most likely answers the question. “Farms” probably stole cubs from the wild after illegally poaching the mothers.

    There would be a ban on killing chickens if their worldwide numbers fell to only 550. There would probably be a ban on stealing eggs from wild chickens to “farm” them too!

    Cows, chicken and other domesticated livestock are NOT endangered so you can't truly compare them with tigers.

    On a final note, I’d like to address MMAADD and anyone else lurking about.
    Killing people would do more harm than good. Instead of helping tigers, you would just get yourself into trouble. Didn’t your parents ever tell you the cliché, “Use your words, not your fists.”? Violence only leads to more violence.

    Raising awareness, passing laws, enforcing regulations, brainstorming solutions for the issues… these are the paths to take. This blog is an example of raising awareness.

    You can start small: write an essay or a speech for school about endangered animals, poaching, WCS, WWF, the ban on tiger parts and how it has impacted Asia, et cetera. See if there is a way to start a fundraiser at school for the WCS, WWF or other notable organization. Find a way to make it “real” for your classmates, at that age the world tends to revolve around school and not the entire planet. Does your school have an animal mascot? You could push to “sponsor” an actual version of your mascot; endangered or not.

    1. I 100 percent agree with everything you've said. I had never heard of these farms until recently and I am horrified. I'm currently doing a speech on this. Your comment was very helpful thank you.

    2. Thanks for leaving a comment and good luck with the speech.

  10. Missa: Thanks for a great comment and contribution.

  11. This is plain disgusting. I really can't believe Chinas disregard for animals. They hunt and eat all kinds of animals, some of which are endangered. They hunt endangered whales, tigers, and sharks. And that's just naming a few. This horrible treatment of such a beautiful animal shouldn't be aloud. There aren't many tigers left in the wild, less than 250 Siberian tigers alone. I try not to be prejudice of other cultures but I really can't help it with this country. Their treatment of animals is repulsive. Thank you for writing this article so that maybe you can inform enough people to help stop this. If there's anything I can do to help, such as sign a petition or something I would really like to know. Thank you!

  12. I did the comment above and it just bugs me that it says delete. Myaccount name is iheartmec...just wanted to make that clear :)

  13. Hi iheartmec, thanks for the comment. I really don't know what we can do because China never does anything other than what they want to do!

    And no one can make them change. Look at the climate change meeting recently that was scuppered by China.

    They just plough on in their own sweet (or sour) way disregarding every criticism and as they are very powerful economically they can get away with it.

    If the world imposed some sort of economic sanctions it would hurt them but the world needs China for its cheap manufacturing.

    It comes down to money and all wild animals are being destroyed little by little for commercial reasons.

  14. Hey there MMAADD I too am 13 and feel very strongly about tigers, I plan on starting a web show and 1 of the topics we will discuss will be tiger conservation, if you would like to talk about tigers just send me an email.

  15. Hi Holly Ann, I am very impressed that you feel strongly about the way tigers are treated.

    I wish you well in your desire to help them.

  16. Hi iheartmec and MIchael, there are actually quite a bit of things you can do sure it might not seem like a lot, but it can help. First you can RESEARCH the more you research about a topic, the stronger your emotions will get, and you will know all the facts so people will take you seriously. Another thing you can do is THINK. If you think about the topic enough you can maybe even think of an idea to help save tigers. Another way to help is to RAISE awareness and maybe even donations for organizations that help tigers, such as Save the Tiger Fund or the International Tiger Coalition. You can raise awareness in many different ways. One way might be to host a tiger party on national tiger day to inform people on what is really happening to them. If you're in school(like me) try to talk to your principal to see if he/she will let you brief the teachers with different lesson plans on tigers and have your school have a tiger day on international tiger day which is the 27th of September(it happens to be on a Monday this year, you would have like a year to plan it) this year it would be great to have the teachers do somethings to get the students excited about tigers, and then at the end of the day have an assembly to announce a fundraiser for a tiger organization, that will last all week long. Some ideas for the different (non-core)teachers would be:
    Art:have the students draw pictures of tigers to hang throughout the school
    Foriegn language:Write a list of different tiger traits/reasons to save them in a different language, Have them write them large and illustrate them, then post them around the school
    Other Classes: give the teachers a list of several informative youtube video and a worksheet to correlate with it
    Core Classes(English, Science, History/Geography): there is a couple of good teaching plans on these pages
    Some really great youtube videos include:
    this 20/20 clip it shows the negative approach(they are for tiger farming)
    An insider of what really goes on in tiger farms(permission slip may be needed, kind of gruesome)
    An inspiration to stop tiger traffiking
    a cool animated thingy
    and more if you look hard enough
    I hope to do this and more, if I can convince the principal at my school.
    I hope this helps!

  17. Hi Holly Ann,

    Can I make your comment into a visitor's page on my site:

    Pictures of

    I think what you say would make a nice visitor's submission on the tiger page:

    The form for visitor's is at the base of the page:

    And it would help the tiger. What you say is very sensible and it may help other young people change their views for the better.

  18. Sure, I would have no problem with making it into a visitors page. I just sent the submission.

  19. Hi Holly Ann

    Many thanks indeed. Please come back. Shout about it. Kick up some dust. Make a noise...! :)

    My sites are for people like you to use.

  20. I am so disgusted by the whole tiger farming industry, i have been researching into it the past week and cannot believe the cruelty if these people. Im just a 14 year old girl, and I feel so frustrated with the limits of what I can do. Write an article for my school paper, have bake sales and car washes to raise money for wwf... but I WANT to go out there and shut this all down. Thank You for writing this article, it is really good and not enough people have heard about this important topic.

  21. I felt like going over there and shooting the whole lot of them! Frustration is the right word. We are helpless.

  22. i fully agree with all your points. i will personally never agree to trading to wild animals. but these things go on in the western world too. lions are farmed in texas to be shot ( )and of course all farm animals are harvested so why the double standards?

  23. Response to last comment. Thanks for the comment. I don't think it is double standards.

    Farm animals are livestock. They are bred to feed us and killed under carefully controlled and human conditions.

    Lions and tigers are rare wild animals. They belong to the world. They should share the world with us and they should not be bred for canned hunts or farmed.

    There is a clear distinction. Tiger were not made for this treatment. And, yes, the west is just as bad as the east. America has some appalling practices. There are far more tigers in the US than the rest of the world, captive and wild combined.

    And all the US tigers are banged up! Horrible. Check out:

  24. after reading this article, it sickens me to think of how these tigers are treated on farms that claim to be trying to help these beautiful creatures.

    I didn't know about tiger farms until i read this article, so i am very glad that i read it so i can help raise awareness about this problem

    Tigers are wonderful, awe-inspiring creatures that we have a duty to protect, not only for ourselves, but for future generations as well

  25. OMG why is that consuming such exotic species , dogs , cats , live fish has to be in China or Japan or Korea, This is ridiculous. Please stop such disgraceful acts. We are blessed to be humans to protect our nature , killing these beautiful creature will not make any good.Being human doesn't mean we can kill every other living being and consume it.I am sure people are enough educated to understands this.

  26. Response to last comment. I agree with you completely although I think that you will find that a large part of the population of the world believes that animals are on the planet for use to do with as we please.

    Many people still don't think that animals feel pain and many treat animals cruelly.

    This is not a nice world. The more you know about the world the less nice it looks.

  27. Chinese kill not only the tigers but kill birds or anything that move on earth and in the sky for fun. Until this attitude chages this tiger farm ban is not going to be a effective soultion. I can not find words for my anger

  28. Thank you for the last comment. The trouble is as China becomes ever more powerful commercially and the other countries ever more dependent on China for cheap goods there is less and less likelihood of any pressure being placed upon China to change.

    China also lends money to many other bankrupt countries - another reason why they keep friendly with China. China is dangerous to the world. It is now devouring/using Africa for minerals.

    All the while it is killing wildlife to fed its ridiculous medicine.

    Shark fin soup is another tragedy with 80 million sharks killed annually I believe mostly for this "delicacy" The species is being wiped out.

  29. I agree with what was said in this article. I never really knew about tiger farming but I plan to tell my friends about it. Tigers are my mom's favorite animal and they always make me think of her. It's hard to see something like this.

    It's also important to know that people are suffering because of this belief that tiger parts will cure them. Tiger parts can be cheap and someone desperate might save a large sum of money to spend on tiger parts that won't cure them when that money could be spent on real medicine that might actually help. Governments that want to allow this type of thing should think about their people, not about money.

    As for the "wine", that's mindless self-indulgence and not much can be done about stupid people, except to regulate it.

    Not to pick on China but the tiger has been a symbol of Chinese power, a symbol of national pride with is rising and growing economy. You think that would be enough incentive for China to protect it. Though, I believe the Chinese tiger exists only in captivity. They're probably breeding other subspecies in the farms.

    I'm not sure why not much had been done on the issue of animal and even human rights in China. I guess the US hasn't pressured China so much on these issues because there's no really way it can punish them. America is too reliant on trade with China. If the US tells them, we think what you're doing is wrong, what reason does China have to listen?

    I don't know...this is so frustrating. Thanks Holly for your post. It doesn't make me feel so helpless.

    As for the chickens, that bothers me too...I don't want to eat things that live crammed on top of each other, but that's why we raise our own. They have the whole run of the place...including the roof. (Don't ask me how they get up there.)

  30. Didn't God originally charge human beings to care for the animals of the world?

    Just sayin'. ;)

  31. If God didn't charge us with the task of protecting the planet or even if you don't believe in God, we are in charge and we do have a responsibility to care for the planet on behalf of the generations to come.

    We are failing miserably in this task. It is almost certain that the tiger will be extinct in the wild within 20 - 30 years. You can thank China for that and the satellite states nearby such as Bangladesh, India and Burma etc.

    I find it depressing to be honest.

  32. I had no idea that Tigers were 'farmed' in such a way until today. The Chinese have to be one of THE most inhumane nations on earth.
    Of course the practice should be banned, but so should puppy farms, which also exist for the purpose of making money by force matings of domestic dogs, and keeping them in confined spaces with no socialisation or exercise.
    We all know about such places, but no one seems to be able to put an end to these dogs suffering.
    Governments just don't care about animal welfare enough, and yet when you think about how much the domestic dog has done for mankind, it is unbearable to know how many dogs have to endure this suffering to line the pockets of greedy uncaring people.

    As you say the more one learns about the world, the more one realises it is not a very nice place to live in.

  33. Response to last comment: I fully agree that governments just don't care. This is because (1) politicians are alpha male types who don't care about animals as much as they should and (2) they are too involved in "bigger" issues such as the recession and wars etc.


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