Wednesday 25 March 2009

Cat Fiber Art

You're complaining that your cat scratches the furniture. Or you've had little kitty declawed. Well you' ll never become the companion of a famous cat artist. I had no idea what cat fiber art could possibly mean. Until I found YouTube and Henry. He turns tearing things to shreds into an art form and if Jackson Pollock created art by chucking paint on to the floor in a random and chaotic manner why can't a cat do something similar?

With fiber art you also get the texture and the unexpected. He creates unique textured art for hanging at home. He does this shreding bits of old carpet pinned to the wall. God, he enjoys his work!

cat fiber art
Cat Fiber Art

Henry is a bona fide artist now and he has his own internet store: Henry's Cafe Press Store. Henry's work has a very earthy and natural quality. It is elemental and hugely decorative. It would look stunning in a large apartment overlooking central park. Here is a picture of a Jackson Pollock painting. I'd defy anyone to tell me that the cat fiber art is worse and has less "reach". Henry knows when to stop. It's when the carpet has been destroyed. Pollock didn't know when t stop so produced overly heavy, compressed images.

Jackson Pollock painting
Pollocks No. 5. Copyright stuff:- I adopt the arguments for justification to reproduce this picture that are used by the Wikipedia author on this page.

Henry exhibited at the Bangor Public Library. He was the first cat to do so. See these posts on cat scratching but not by Henry, just artist yet to be discovered......

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