Cat Behavior

Cat behavior is a very important part of cat caretaking. We need to understand our cats. We also need to understand our relationship with our cats. Human behavior is a vital component in cat behavior.

Bad cat behavior? I say it doesn't really exist. Bad cat behavior is normal cat behavior that we don't like.

Here is a list of articles on cat behavior:

Essay on cat behavior - it is about us believe it or not. It is good!

Cat Behavior - very large overview page with tons of links to more. I would advise starting here. If you can't find it on this page it probably isn't anywhere.

Fifteen ways to avoid cat behavior problems (PDF file please note) - this is a page about how to care for a cat, the main principles, but it also deals with a vital component of cat caretaking, namely expectation management. We must have the right expectations if we are to care for cats properly.

Siamese Cat Behavior - Different? Special? Depends on a lot of things.

Cat Body Language - a decent knowledge of body helps us understand our cat. Did you know that when a cat licks his nose he is unsure of what to do next? This is displacement activity.

Cat Scratching is Necessary Behavior - a cat scratches for all kinds of reasons, to stretch and to remove the sheaths on the claws. Also cats deposit scent with their paws.

Aggressive Cat Behavior - covers all the angles. This is often our fault. Actually it most often our fault or problem.

Bengal Cat Behavior - this is a wildcat hybrid which affects behavior. One of the original wildcat hybrids.

Calico Cat Behavior - does the coat of a cat affect behavior or is a cat's coat linked in some way to behavior?

Ragdoll Cat Behavior - this cat goes limp. But is that true or is it a bit of fiction to spice up sales!? The creator of the breed was inclined to do such things.

Cat Behavior - Kneading - explained. This behavior goes back to when the mother nurses her newborns. Some people get irritated when a cat kneads their legs. Please don't punish your cat for doing this. It is completely wrong to do that.

Savannah and Bengal Cat Behavior - considered to be more intelligent (because of the wildcat element in their makeup) and therefore more active and demanding on human caretaker's time.

Cat Behavior Explained - an earlier article.

Bad Cat Behavior - doesn't exist. A cat responds to stimuli around him or her. We are nearly always responsible, directly or indirectly, for those stimuli. We can't call it bad cat behavior therefore.

Some Veterinarians are Ignorant of Cat Behavior - talking about declawing and the insensitive way many US vets treat cats.

Cat Behavior and Separation Anxiety - more of a problem these busy, hectic days? Probably. You know what they say: the best cat caretakers are retired over 55 year olds because they are around all the time and have the time to cater better for the demands of cat caretaking. 

Strange Feral Cat Behavior?

Feral Cat Vacuum Phenomenon - shoot feral cats? Why not it must be the easiest way to solve the feral cat problem, surely? No, sorry. The vacant plot of land that this produces just leads to replacement cats. It is actually counter productive to kill feral cats. Let's be more decent about it. Let's instigate proper wide ranging TNR programs that are properly funded.

Cat Licking Behavior - this can be displacement activity. When a cat licks his or her nose it is like us biting our finger nails or scratching our hair. Over-grooming is a sign of stress.

Aggressive Cat Behavior from human standpoint - often a defensive action.

Abyssinian Cat Behavior - active, intelligent cat.

Cat Heat Behavior - very particular.

Cat Heat Behavior - some more on this.

Cat Imitating Human Behavior - this is about how our little domestic cat can and sometimes do learn behavior from us! Cats learn from other cats, specifically their mother and cats that are near relatives but it is distinctly possible that as we, as substitute mothers, are also role models!

Cat Peeing Behavior

Cat Aggression

Cat Licking Displacement Activity - bored cats do this and uncertain cats.

Cat Anger and Jealousy

Domestic Cat Territory - very much a way of life and very important to cats in general.

Cat Bullying ? does this exist.

Male Cat Spraying - get him neutered; that is what everyone will say. It will curb male territorial behavior and aggression too.

Why Do Cats Hide Stuff?

Inactive Cat Food
- not sure this exists.

The Cat Rollover
- a form of submission but also playfullness towards humans.

The social function of tail up in domestic cats - a greeting signal.

This is not in fact a complete list of articles on PoC. If you use the search box you will see more.

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