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Lion versus Tiger - Lion Wins

This is a very long, very comprehensive page full of links and information on the once hotly debated subject of lion vs tiger . Please scroll all the way down if you are interested in reading a full treatise on the subject. This page supports the argument that the lion would win. The page was first published in May 2012. I have decided that it needs to be republished almost 10 years later as it is too good to languish at the bottom of the archive. I hope you enjoy it. You will if the fictional lion versus tiger fight (in the wild) interests you. It is really a hypothetical fight because these two species of big wild cat don't meet unless it is under artificial, human contrived conditions. I have a page on lion vs tiger that is also comprehensive in its own right: Lion vs Tiger . This page has lots more lion vs tiger information and it has been carefully collated and researched. Except for this introduction by me, the page was written and prepared by Braddah Keala who lives in

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