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Do cats feel pain like humans?

Yes and no is the answer. Domestic cats have a very similar physiology to humans. They have a nervous system and a brain. The peripheral nerves feedback to the spinal cord and thence to the brain. The brain processes the electrical impulses which pass along the nervous system and which are triggered in peripheral parts of a cat's anatomy through injury or disease et cetera. So, everything is in place in a domestic cat for them to feel pain like humans. Humans cause pain in cats through their ignorance. And even intelligent people behave ignorantly such as declawing vets. ABOVE: The story of Zoe is nothing less than horrendous and I am sorry to recite it but I have to. Zoe was declawed. His behavior changed because of the pain of - botched surgery. He was then de-toothed. He is now untouchable. He will undergo paw repair surgery by Dr Doub. And I believe that these electrical impulses which send signals to the brain are the same as in humans. I also believe that the cat's brain

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