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Cat in Chicago forced to jump from five floors and survives. Here's how.

The caption to the video from The Guardian: "A cat in Chicago has survived after jumping out of a fifth-floor window to escape an apartment fire. Chicago fire department personnel were taking a video of the exterior of the building as firefighters were extinguishing the blaze when a black cat appeared through billowing smoke at a broken window. The feline briefly tested the side of the building with its front paws, then jumped. The cat survived the leap uninjured..." So, how do domestic cats fall five stories and more without harming themselves? Well, the first point to make is that this cat fell onto grass and as you see the entire fall, you can see the contact. The cat actually bounced off the grass indicating that the ground was quite spongy which certainly had a big beneficial effect. Notwithstanding that, you will find that domestic cats can fall this kind of height onto concrete and still survive. You probably know by now that they manage to do this because they fan

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