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Friendliest and most aggressive cat breeds

The friendliest cat breed is said to be the  Oriental and Siamese both long and short haired . This is according to a University of Helsinki study in which they questioned the owners of about 4000 purebred cats living in Finland. They admit that when you assess cat personality through a questionnaire you don't necessarily obtain accurate information because subjectivity can distort the results.  Although they did their best to make the results as accurate as possible: For validation, we studied the internal consistency, test–retest reliability, inter-rater reliability, convergent validity and discriminant validity of this questionnaire and extracted factors. The Burmese ranks highly in friendliness too. They friendliest originate in the Far East - coincidentally? Friendly Oriental Shorthair. Photo: Helmi Flick. I will also add that it is difficult to label an entire cat breed with a clear personality because by and large breeders don't breed for personality but for appearanc

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