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Bengal cat adoption
11 Jun 2008 ... Like for like and all things being equal Bengal cat rescue must be the preferred..

Savannah Cat Rescue 
It is a surprise that Savannah Cat Rescue exists, but it does and its usually because of irresponsibility.

Maryland cat rescue  
9 May 2008 ... Important - A lot of the Maryland cat rescue centers (the majority) can be found through Petfinder which operates nationwide.

Persian Cat Rescue UK 
Persian cat rescue uk - in a utopian world it wouldn't exist. Here is a filtered, comprehensive and live list (early 2008).

Big Cat Rescue 
I am a great admirer of Big Cat Rescue. And of the founder Carole Baskin. I have never met her. I only know of her from what she says on her ...

Bengal cat rescue 
Bengal cat rescue in a utopian world wouldn't exist. Here is a comprehensive list.

Norwegian Forest Cat: Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue
Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue is thankfully a search term used by a reasonable number of people. But you know it is very interesting to study ...

Persian cat rescue
Persian cat rescue in a utopian world wouldn't exist. Here is a filtered, comprehensive and live list (early 2008).

Maine Coon Cat Rescue  
18 Jun 2008 ... I think we all realize that we owe it to the cats to start at a Maine Coon cat rescue center or organization if we are thinking about ...

Purebred Cat Rescue 
Purebred cat rescue is more common that you perhaps thought - see a comprehensive list of options here.

Siamese Cat Rescue
Siamese Cat Rescue is carried out by dedicated volunteers usually - lets praise them.

Stray & Feral Cat Rescue
Good morning readers. I've found a really remarkable lady in Eugene, Oregon who operates Stray & Feral Cat Rescue. Her name is Tasha.

Cat Ragdoll rescue
If you are looking to adopt a purebred cat, Ragdoll rescue may be the way  forward. Firstly, the Ragdoll cat is a fine cat. ...

Ragdoll Cat Rescue

Ragdoll Cat Rescue is it seems hardly needed in the UK, what's it like in the USA? - lists here.

Cat rescue in China

Cat rescue in China is actually happening and it is the Chinese who are doing the rescuing. For me it is great to read about feral cat ...

Cat Rescue Centres in London
A number of select cat rescue centres in London are shown here on a customised interactive map.

Cornish Rex cat RescueThis page deals with a selection of Cornish Rex cat Rescue operations.

Abyssinian Rescue
Abyssinian Rescue is the best route to find an Abyssinian cat, one of the most popular cats.

Sphynx Cat RescueSphynx Cat Rescue is almost going to be purebred cat rescue - this page deals with it.

Shadow Cats Rescue (SCR)What caught my eye about Shadow Cat Rescue was the statement by the founder of SCR (with her husband), Sheila Smith who says this in ...

Himalayan Cat Rescue

Himalayan Cat Rescue is almost the same as Persian cat rescue and in a better world it wouldn't exist.

Purina PetCare Rescue Cat Awards 2010

4 Aug 2010 ... Here we go everyone. After much digging and trolling I have another wonderful story for everyone. This is the COOLEST event I've read of ...

My First Official Cat Rescue Mission
Good morning readers. I've got a sad and funny story about my new cat rescue role. Let me first say I've grown tired of looking at all of ...

The Rescue and Feral Cats of Martha Kane

It's Tuesday October 5th 2010 and it's been a hot night in Malta. I arrived on  Monday and I went out to dinner with Martha Kane and her partner Richard. 

Devon Rex Rescue 
My Devon was surrendered by his previous owner to the Philadelphia animal control shelter due to allergies. He was pretty hairless and they thought he.

Animal Shelters, Crossposters and Rescue Groups

In case a few of my readers haven't noticed, I've become involved with a lot of new projects concerning pets. I'd like to explain my goals..

Trinity Acres Rescue and Mandatory Declawing
Oh boy, dear readers. Just when I think I've heard everything there is to hear about declawing in the U.S., I find something new that shocks and sickens.  

Caboodle Ranch Heaven or Hell
Hundreds of comments, perhaps over 1000! This is a contentious subject.

RagaMuffin and the Princess
One of the most stunning purebred rescue cats that you are likely to see. How did this cat become relinquished?

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