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Cat Playing Piano

There is a cat playing piano on the internet. This is another one of those cat-story-video-picture-freaky-type-thing that appeals at the moment. Cats provide us with a lot of entertainment but a lot of the time I am not sure that what is happening is entirely respectful of the cat. In fact, we can go back in history a long way to discover another but different example of cat disrespect, worse than that, it was cat pain or a form of cat torture and it concerned cats and pianos too: The Cat Piano (see below). First though a cat playing piano. Here is the video: To be honest it is a cat that is playing around with the keys of a piano. The video maker has probably propped his cat up on the stool and plonked the cat’s paws on the keys and filmed several short sequences with an enormous amount of patience because I am sure that there were a load of aborted attempts. You can see how short sequences are spliced together in this video. I suppose the question some people ask is whether th

Lets Discuss Things in Video Responses

I don't know if it will work or catch on but I would like people to add video responses to the short video I made below. The idea is that we all say something in a short video response. The topic of conversation is the one I propose in my video: The YouTube page for this video is I like this idea because it means we can present our individual thoughts on a range of cat topics in short videos, which I can then edit into one master version. The master video would be a fairly accurate representation of peoples' thoughts on a topic regarding cats. The video I would have thought would be fairly interesting and useful for that reason. The first topic chosen by me is your favorite cat breed. This opens the door to a wide range of issues such as is the moggie the best "breed" or non-breed and why. The only obstacles that I can see (and this may be an insurmountable obstacle) is that: not enough people with opinions about