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Technically this website is called a blog but it is more than that really. It is a website with dated articles. It is also a subdomain to the main site: PoC. It is as good as the main or mother site and perhaps better as it is coded in a more up to date way.

You will probably need an up-to-date computer and software to run it, however. This website tends to discuss serious issues in a serious and passionate manner. Whereas the main site is more mainstream, presenting the cat breeds and wild cat species in an organised way.

The underlying principles always apply; to respect the cat, to understand the cat and to promote excellent cat caretaking for the welfare of the cat.

I never forget the wild cats. They are equally deserving of our concern and attention. The more we know about the wild cats the more disturbed we will be as to their predicament. That might motivate us to act. The concept of keeping a wild cat hybrid such as the Bengal cat to highlight the plight of the wildcats does not work.

I started this Blogger site for the simple reason that it is much easier to build pages fast and efficiently on this site. It is more fun and Google tends to find these pages more often or at least it did! If you can dispense with the technical stuff and focus on the cat welfare stuff you have a better site as far as I am concerned.

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  1. I have a kitten I think is a inbreed manx. Her mother is wild and I believe the mother matter with one of her no tail bothers. The kittens I had to take away from the mother at four weeks, for reasons I want go into now. The kittens stomach is bloated and she always has feces lick out. Her appetite is good, she plays good, but does not have bowl movement movements right. I have given her Castro oil and watch her diet. What do you think is going on with the bloated stomach and what should I do, on a fixed income.


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