Wednesday 20 June 2018

Young cat has Van type markings and 'dirty' coat

This sweet looking cat caught my eye because his white fur looks dirty but it is not white fur it seems to me or is it?

The fur is grey but not in a conventional way. It looks like a dirty white and perhaps it is. However, it would be usual if he let his coat become so dirty.  It does happen sometimes to street cats. It is almost as if they give up. It must be hard because cats are fastidiously clean. He is probably a street cat living in Turkey perhaps. He'll be a community cat. They are very common in Turkey.

The  black marking are what I call "van-type" meaning after the Turkish Van. This is an upside down V shape marking on the forehead. And the tail is black too.

Photo: Pinterest.
His eyes are a stunning glistening gold. What a beauty.

Picture of Bengal Cat Opening Door Using Handle

We have all seen it but never any better than this. This Bengal cat has been caught red handed so to speak.

Photo: Pinterest.

We also know that cats learn by observation. It makes sense that they watch humans open the door and the enterprising individuals with sufficient nous decide to give it a try and voila, you have a Bengal cat looking a bit sheepish caught in the act of doing what his owner does.

Bengals are wild cat hybrids as you know. This boy is possibly an high filial cat judging by his size and if so he has more wild genes in him which in turn should make him more intelligent. I don't think high filial Bengals should be full-time indoor cats. They need more than the normal stimulation but also security. You can't let then roam around the neighbourhood. He'd get stolen.

The obvious way to be a responsible owner of a Bengal cat is to build a nice garden enclosure. So when opens the door and 'escapes' he escapes into a cat containment area.

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