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Do cat shelters deliberately underestimate cats’ ages?

Do cat shelters deliberately underestimate cats’ ages? | PoC This is a cross-post because I think this is quite an interesting subject - please click on the above link. It is also quite an important subject. If a shelter cat is considerably older than as advertised by the shelter then the adopting person is liable to encounter more expense because of the increased likelihood of health problems associated with an older cat. Also older cats can contract chronic conditions, which are stressful to deal with for both owner and cat. If some cat shelters do deliberately underestimate the age of their older cats, I don't really blame them because all they are doing is trying to rehome their cats as soon as possible as this saves lives. There has to be a reasonably speedy turnover otherwise available space dries up at the facility leading to more euthanasia.

Muslim terrorists are part of Islamic Faith - President of Muslim Association of Britain

A few minutes ago, on BBC News, the President of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), Omer El-Hamdoon, said that the Muslim terrorists were on the fringes of the Islamic Faith. This means they are part of the faith, the religion of Islam, and not external to it. We have heard many politicians, including the Prime Minister, imply that the Muslim terrorists are not part of the Islamic faith but a perversion or distortion of it. But as they are part of Islam then surely we have to discuss all of the Islam faith and therefore all Muslims when we discuss the terrorists. Many Muslims say that the terrorists/extremists are not true Muslims but the President of MAB implies very clearly that they are true Muslims but on the fringes of Islamic beliefs. I believe this is significant, which is why I am referring to it here on a predominantly cat website! It puts pressure on all Muslims in Britain to quench the rise of fundamentalist terrorist Muslims in the country. The Muslim leaders in

Yanks versus Brits. Inside cats versus outside cats. Who is correct?

Yanks versus Brits. Inside cats versus outside cats. Who is correct? | PoC I want to spread the word so I am cross-posting. Please click on the link above if you're interested. It's about making decisions based in the particular circumstances of each situation rather than dogmatically deciding cats are okay outside or inside. Photo: Denis Defreyne UK cat rescues who insist on their cats being allowed outside without supervision or, in the USA, they might make the opposite demand, should reconsider and refine their policies to one which fits the situations rather then relying on a one-size-fits-all policy.

Legislation to Ban Cat Declawing Introduced by Assemblywoman

Legislation to Ban Cat Declawing Introduced by Assemblywoman Please click on the above link and then spread the word. If this bill succeeds it'll mean that declawing is banned in NY state and that means a massive step in the right direction. It will be the first state where it has been banned. Thank you.

Timeline of the Cat

Timeline of the Cat | PoC This is a cross-post (please click on the link above). I have written up a fairly comprehensive cat timeline with the major events. I have been selective as you have to be because there is too much. The timeline goes from the first cats on the planet to the present day. All the action that we know or are concerned about in relation to the cat is compressed into the last 100 years. But the timeline starts up to 20 million years ago. We are not that interested in what happened 20 million years ago but it does make the timeline complete and provides a nice counterpoint to the modern events.

Domineering Men Do Not like Cats

Dominating men do not like cats because the cat is free and will never consent to become a slave.  He will do nothing to your order, as the other animals do.  The words are those of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. James Boswell. He wrote a famous biography of Samuel Johnson He was making a clever observation about James Boswell.  James Boswell was the servant of Samuel Johnson.  Samuel Johnson, as you probably know, loved cats and he looked after a series of cats the most famous of which was “ Hodge ". Hodge James Boswell admits that he suffered from Jonson's intimacy with his cat Hodge because he was an ailurophobe -  he had a fear of cats and therefore became uneasy if a cat was in the same room as himself. Samuel Johnson would personally go out to buy food for his cat Hodge (as reported by James Boswell).  He would do this because he did not want his servant (companion and Samuel's biographer) to feel imposed upon and end up disliking his cat. So what about th

UK - Don't Buy a Pet On Gumtree

The story concerns a dog, Kai, and I am sure that a lot of people have read about this.  The dog was left abandoned on a railway station with all the bits and pieces that a person needs to look after the dog in a suitcase.  It was the classic Paddington Bear scenario.  There was uproar as to how somebody could leave a dog on a railway station, so cruelly abandoned and the abandonment was highlighted by all the accoutrements the person needed to look after the dog being left on the railway station as well. As it turns out, the story isn't a simple case of the abandonment of a domestic animal.  I believe that we can lay the blame for this act of apparent domestic animal cruelty at the feet of a commercial organisation: Gumtree.  Gumtree is a bit like Craigslist in America.  It is the American version of it.  Anybody can sell anything on Gumtree. In this instance we discovered that a lady, Fin Rayner, had left the dog at Ayr railway station, Scotland.  What happened was she had

Justin Bieber's Fake Penis

Forgive me for the title and that there isn't a cat in sight.  It is just that this is so modern. The fakery. Apologies for the rude title but it is honest. It is isn't just fake muscles and fake chest and whatever else has to be fake in a fake world. Bieber has to make his penis look bigger in his underpants. Big deal. I don't know whether he agreed to this Photoshopping. He should have vetoed it. He should have asked questions. He seems to have let his "advisers" take charge and make him look silly, to be candid. When this sort of fakery dominates the online media there is little chance for people to comprehend the reality of the current situation regarding the plight of the wild cat species. Their conservation is failing but few people have registered that. Whoops....I have mentioned a cat.

Riverview Sphynx cat found with dart in head

Riverview cat found with dart in head - WFLA News Channel 8 Calico Sphynx and bolt The abuse that we see in the photograph is not unusual, to be honest. There's quite a lot of cat abuse of this sort and it takes place anywhere. In this example it took place in Florida, USA. It looks as though somebody with a crossbow shot at this cat from behind, aiming towards the cat's head and just connecting with the head sufficiently so that the bolt pierced the skin but not the skull thereby allowing the cat to survive. The usual aspect of this photograph is that the cat is a  Sphynx cat and a  calico Sphynx, at that, so the cat is rare. Another unusual aspect of this story is that the cat was obviously outside wandering around so somehow the cat got out while the owner was away. This sort of cat breed should not be allowed to go out and I know the owner knows that but extra precautions should be taken because these cats are hairless or almost hairless and they are not suited to

Ambulance sent out for cat with diarrhea

In the UK there is a well-publicized crisis unfolding in the accident and emergency (A & E) departments of hospitals. There are many reasons for the huge increase in the numbers of people presenting themselves at A & E, one of which is that the NHS 111 system is failing in that it directs too many people to A & E because it is run by an algorithm (a computer program) and the computer programme plays safe and defaults to A & E. The NHS 111 system is a telephone, call center helpline to which people who have suffered an accident can telephone for advice. It used to be manned by nurses but is no longer. The employees at NHS 111 are laypeople who are briefly trained and who rely on their computers to make decisions (to provide the advice to the caller). An anonymous whistle blower disclosed that on one occasion, "One call handler sent an ambulance to a cat with diarrhoea". This shows that both the call handlers and the computer algorithm are unable to cons

Cat Behaviorists Should Be Scientifically Qualified

Cat behaviorists should be scientifically qualified because cat behavior is a science. There has to be a good knowledge of the behavior of animals generally and specifically the wild cats. The cat behaviorist should ideally be a zoologist and an ethologist (scientific study of animal behavior). Ideally they should have a good academic qualification in zoology and ethology. I am thinking of a doctorate from one of the world's top universities. The problem for me is that nearly all cat behaviorists dispensing advice on the internet are unqualified academically in a relevant science. I know that years of observation of cat behavior is great training and is almost enough but a hard, scientific background from a university where the undergraduates have to think out the box and post-doctoral researchers create something new is the best training for a cat behaviorist. These sorts of people don't necessarily follow the crowd. They decide for themselves. You'll see that intern