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Black Cat Earrings

Yes, this is a diversion from the serious stuff and in any case black cat earrings are pretty popular judging by some online market research, which is a bit surprising actually because it is said that black cats are the least likely to re-homed from cat shelters. Also black cats are abused sometimes at Halloween and there is a ridiculous connection between black cats and bad luck . Although in some places they indicate good luck - just superstition basically. People also search for ideas on black cat names . I have two black cats incidentally! Well one is all black ( Charlie ) and the other is B&W. OK, back to the task at hand; black cat earrings. Here are some for sale: The first pair (above) perpetuate the unfortunate connection between the black cat and witches (see cat history ). I know this is a bit of fun and I like that but I have a slight doubt about it as there is abuse of black cats even today as I said and there are still satanic cults that feature cats and probab