Friday 27 March 2015

Some cats are allergic to plastic | PoC

Some cats are allergic to plastic | PoC

This is a cross post a to try and ensure that the information gets to a wider audience.  We know, or at least most of us know, that plastic food bowls for pets can cause the condition described as “feline acne".  This is not the acne with which humans are familiar but it is a skin condition.  It may be due to an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the plastic in the feeding bowl.

In addition, and just as serious, is that sometimes specific chemicals in the plastic can leach out into the food poisoning the cat.  This is a slow process as is an allergic reaction.  Sometimes a cat will not be allergic to plastic for a very long time and then suddenly it happens.  In addition, as I understand it, kittens and young adults do not form allergies until they are a little older and therefore a cat owner may be misled into believing that their cat is not allergic to plastic bowls when in fact they are.

I'd throw out plastic food and water bowls immediately. Ceramics are the best and they are still relatively cheap.

If you click on the link above I cover this subject in more detail.  This is simply a short post to direct people to the link above, in essence.

Veterinarians in America are underreporting to the FDA pet health problems due to defective petfood

Veterinarians in America are underreporting to the FDA pet health problems due to defective petfood | PoC

This is a cross-post. I think the subject matter is important. Through veterinarians reporting to the FDA about possible defective commercially produced petfood, the pet owner has a voice on behalf of their cat or dog against big business.  At the moment big business can do what they like, almost, with respect to what they put into and how they manufacturer pet food and we know that not all of it is good quality.

Sometimes pet food manufacturers fail to put in enough of a certain ingredient which is essential to a cat such as taurine.  If you think that your cat, and if your vet thinks that your cat, has suffered health problems because of defective cat food you should ask your veterinarian to submit a report to the FDA, in America. Without it they cannot act.

If you click on the link above, I go into this in more detail.

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