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See the best videos on cat breeds and more on my YouTube channel - broadsurf - including the two million plus hitting video of Magic, A Beautiful Relationship:

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Here is a list of some of the favorites:

Serval Dea Giving Birth - this shows a serval giving birth to three kittens in real time. Rare footage provided by Kathrin Stucki and edited by me.

Magic is athletic - this shows the famous F1 Savannah cat Magic, a glorious long legged female effortlessly jump about 9 feet straight up.

Savannah cats mating - you don't get to see the actual mating but you do see the typical male attempt! He grabs her by the loose fur on the back of the neck to keep her still and to prevent her having a swipe at him.

Wildcats in Paintings - two well known artists paint all the wildcats. This is a good reference source.

Savannah cat action - pounding action from energetic F1 Savannah cats: Magic and Titan

Titan Charms the Children - F1 Savannah cat on a leash charming children in a public place and then he encounters a big dog....

Magic Waking Andreas - Magic jumps eight feet and wakes up her best mate.

Magic Takes It Easy - Leonie picks up Magic and carries her. Leonie is the same size as the cat!

A Beautiful Relationship - the famous video of Andreas and Magic. I'll make you cry.

Titan Goes Shopping - F1 Savannah cat Titan stops the shop...

The World's Tallest Domestic Cat - Magic again. Dynamic and absorbing video.

77 Cat Breeds shown with the best available photography - enjoy.

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