Thursday 8 January 2015

Riverview Sphynx cat found with dart in head

Riverview cat found with dart in head - WFLA News Channel 8

Calico Sphynx and bolt
The abuse that we see in the photograph is not unusual, to be honest. There's quite a lot of cat abuse of this sort and it takes place anywhere. In this example it took place in Florida, USA. It looks as though somebody with a crossbow shot at this cat from behind, aiming towards the cat's head and just connecting with the head sufficiently so that the bolt pierced the skin but not the skull thereby allowing the cat to survive.

The usual aspect of this photograph is that the cat is a Sphynx cat and a calico Sphynx, at that, so the cat is rare. Another unusual aspect of this story is that the cat was obviously outside wandering around so somehow the cat got out while the owner was away. This sort of cat breed should not be allowed to go out and I know the owner knows that but extra precautions should be taken because these cats are hairless or almost hairless and they are not suited to outdoor roaming for all kinds of reasons one of which is that they are extremely noticeable and therefore can be stolen and another is that anatomically they are unsuited to life outside the home as, for example, they can get sunburned or feel the cold. These are obvious points.

The cat's name is Akila. Tyra Bulluck is the owner.

The photograph is by Animal Coalition of Tampa.

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