Saturday 28 March 2009

Lion and a Ferret

This is a well watched video of a lion and a ferret playing or perhaps a better description is that the ferret wants to play and the lion cub kinda puts up with it.

The key factor is that it shows once again the power of socialization. If animals that normally fight are put together when young (for domestic cats it usually means the first 6 months of life) then there is absolutely no problems. See Cats are Less Flexible than Dogs.

In this case the lion was raised by a person who appears to work at a zoo in Turkey. The person took on the task of raising the lion after the mother lion refused to do so. That is why she is in a living room with a ferret. The lion was raised by this person until 5 and half years of age and then transported to a sanctuary. Any animal can get on with any animal including a lion and a ferret. See also Cats and Dogs Living Together (in India).

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