Friday 13 March 2009

Worlds Most Expensive Domestic Cat

At $127,000, The Royal Ashera is the worlds most expensive domestic cat. A lot of us (and most if not all in the cat fancy) have heard about Allerca cats. Amongst that stable of cats is the Ckakan, the original Allerca and the best known of all the Ashera. These three cats come as ordinary models (I can't help writing about them as if they were cars) or in hypoallergenic form (no allergens on the cat which cause us to be allergic to them). You takes your pick and makes your choice, so the saying goes.

Of these three the most expensive is the Ashera GD (the hypoallergenic version). Some say that the Ashera is just a Savannah cat, a pretty well known breed of purebred cat that is wildcat (Serval x domestic cat) hybrid. They look very similar and there is certainly a connection between the Savannah and Ashera but the claimed breeding is slightly different. See more on:
There are a group of Ashera GDs. They come in different colors (more car talk). This is were things get expensive. I did not get the following figures from the Life Style Pets Inc. so you might have to check 'em but here are some current prices as at the date of this post:
  • Standard Model Ashera (this is the non-hypoallergenic version, which looks very similar to the Savannah F2, second generation from the wildcat ancestor) - price $22,000
  • Hypoallergenic Ashera (the Ashera GD so called) - price $37,000
  • Snow Ashera. This is a reference to the lighter background color. Bengal cats, another wildcat hybrid, for example, can be purchased as a snow or alternatively a silver - price $65,000
  • Royal Ashera. This cat is hypoallergenic (claimed), has a cream background and tiger orange spots and strips (the patterns are in orange) - price $127,000

The Royal Ashera, in my estimation the worlds most expensive domestic cat, is only available, apparently, to existing clients and about four are produced each year. About 50 Asheras are sold each year. As a newsreader in the USA said, this cat looks like a leopard, purrs like a kitten and with a price that roars like a lion! Nice one.

The one thing I have trouble with in relation to this cat and this business is that it all sounds like we are buying and selling cars. Maybe that was the intention. I know that at a fundamental level it is little different to "ordinary" cat breeding and the selling of cats but there seems to be a corporate nature about this cat, which makes it a product rather than a living creature. You would expect to see the cat in a showroom on the high street with a couple of pushy salesmen.

Worlds Most Expensive Domestic Cat to Cat Facts


  1. For a fraction of the price, you can get a car that purrs like a cat. I think I've made my decision, but thanks anyway.

  2. Ashera is a SCAM, it's been proven with DNA tests that it's a SCAM.

    1. According to TICA definition of savannah cat any Serval-domestic hybrid is a savannah
    2. "Asian leopard cat" blood simply means that bengal cats were used.
    3. DNA tests done on Asheras available for testing proved it's a savannah.
    4. Nobody has proven the allergy thing. Savannah cats indeed produce less allergic reactions.
    5.The guy in charge of LifestylePets is a known scam artist who's been in trouble with the law before who now changed his name to Simon Carrodan and sells skis for 19,000 claiming new technology, new ski materials, and "cryogenically frozen edges".

  3. These are savannah cats, the world's largest breed of domestic cats, regocnized and shown with The International Cat Association (TICA). Savannahs are not hypo-allergenic, although they tend to be better for those with pet allergies than other breeds. I've bred savannahs for many years, and they do not cost this astromical price. Don't be fooled by a designer name. Savannahs are amazing cats and should be recognized for what they are.


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