Saturday 7 March 2009

Burmilla Pictures and Video

This website contains the best Burmilla pictures I can find and some useful information plus a very nice video. This video really summarizes the Burmilla cat breed and explains some of the differences between the British approach to the breed and the Canadian approach. Canada has a healthy cat fancy. Here's the video:

As is often the case, there is different terminology from one cat fancy to the next and one cat association to the next. From the layperson's point of view I think the terms should all be amalgamated and unified but, hey, it won't happen for a long time.

The Burmilla is a relatively rare cat breed. That translates into few Burmilla pictures but the video above is a moving picture and you can't beat that. Here, also, are two fine Burmilla pictures taken by a Flickr photographer, Adrian Midgley (this takes you to Flickr and the photographer's home page there):

Burmilla cat picture

Although I am not a great fan of cat collars (for safety reasons mainly) this one looks so good on this Burmilla. Here is another by the same photographer and there are others on this website:

Burmilla cat
Burmilla cat - photo by Adrian Midgley

There are more pictures on this site.

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