Sunday 8 March 2009

Cat Shows Thinning Out

Is it true that the cat shows are thinning out in the United States. The economy is bad and it is reported that there are less cat shows as a consequence. Cat shows are very important to the cat fancy not only as a place and event to promote a cattery (if your cat does well) but also as a routine meeting place for the breeders.

A cat show is a great place to meet fellow competitors and exchange ideas and views. This must be good for the cat fancy as a whole but I suppose the organisers of cat shows depend on entry fees and cat breeders may be considering cutting back for obvious reasons. It is more than just the fees. There is also the travel and some travel considerable distances and in addition most cat shows are over two days so there would normally be a hotel bill in there somewhere, for some exhibitors.

It all adds up in terms of cost and most breeders are not making a fortune out of the business. I'd be pleased to receive any comments from breeders on the front, the sharp end of things and who know best, if the media reports that cat shows are thinning out, is true.

Photo of Maine Coon at Cat Fanciers 2007 Show: by ~Sage~ and published under:


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