Wednesday 25 March 2009

Cats Snore

Well, I am sure that we know that cats snore. Here is the proof for those who don't live with companion cats. Cats also dream - see this post: Do Cats Dream. It is only people who have a jaundiced idea about cats who don't understand that there are a million things about the humble domestic cat that we share.

We, who have lived with cats for a long time know that cats snore. Some cat lovers and owners comment on the fact that cats snore:
"Yes, my cat was a silent sleeper until she was a 7 year old, when he began to gently snore much to my amusement. The vet said all was normal. Quite funny".
"One of my cats (I have three), a ten year old orange boy tabby (he is huge at 20+ pounds) snores so loudly that sometimes I have to wake him up, gently, to stop him. He starts up about 10 minutes later but I normally get off to sleep myself in the meantime!"

"I've got a massive cat at 20 lbs and he snores sometimes. His whiskers twitch like mad and his legs jerk around aswell. I am sure he is chasing a mouse as he has brought them in (when he is awake!). He is big enough to reach up to the kitchen counter. He's a bit lazy so he prefers to reach up rather than jump!"

"I think that cats snore because there is something wrong or different with their nasal passages. It's normal and cute....."

Snoring in humans is caused by these factors (src:
  • Overeating and/or Lack of Exercise
  • Alcohol and Sleeping Pills
  • Smoking
  • Sleeping Position
  • Allergy
  • Nasal Stuffiness
  • Mouth Breather
  • Small or Collapsing Nostrils
  • Tongue Base Snorer
  • Multifactoral Snoring
I am sure there are similar causes in cat companions. It might be that the cats who are overweight mentioned above may snore because of overeating an/or lack of exercise. But there are many causes.

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