Monday 30 March 2009

Lamb and Carrot Cat Food

Um....Lamb and Carrot Cat Food looks like a kind off casserole. It actually looks like human food. Meat and two veg type food. Am I correct is guessing that cat food manufacturers are preparing food that sounds, looks and smells attractive to us as we are the first judge as to what to buy? OK the food has to be edible for a cat. And it has to smell good to a cat.......But...

Lamb and Carrot cat food. Nice tasty carrots

But the whole packaging thing "Lamb and Carrots" and the look of it gives me the impression that they decided that as we buy the stuff we need to be impressed. They also probably decided that cats are often a member of the family and that people who live with cats look upon cats as people. All true but this is not a good reason to dress up the food to look like human food. When did a cat eat carrots in the wild?

Maybe the manufacturers also decided that a wildcat would eat carrots sometimes because they might be in the gut of a rodent. I am not sure. But cats only eat flesh. They eat animals not vegetables. They are carnivores. Perhaps the manufacturers can make acceptable cat food out of anything by adding the right supplements. After all there is vegetarian cat food, which sells pretty well. It has to replicate eating flesh, though, so it must contain some sort of meat substitute.

Lamb and Carrot cat food. What is typically left over after eating it. This is often chucked away. And in the summer be quick as it breeds maggots!

Anyway, what is so typical of cats eating products like lamb and carrot cat food is that they leave the "cardboard" tasting lumps and lick off the chemically flavored gravy or jelly. They come back when hungry and finish it off sometimes but a lot of the time it has to be thrown out. This is an indictment of the quality of lamb and carrot cat food, surely?

Here it is, Whiskas Lamb and Carrot cat food. Um...that smells good. But is it good? The only food we should buy our cats, if we can afford it, is the best quality cat food. This is invariably eaten in its entirety much more often, on the first sitting, which indicates that it is more suitable for a cat.

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