Tuesday 24 March 2009

The Tiger is Doomed?

The tiger is doomed? I am pessimistic this evening about the fate of the tiger. Small populations of wildcats can lead to inbreeding a barrier to survival of the tiger (cat inbreeding means poor sperm). The scarcer the tiger the more poachers chase it and want to kill it. It is a perversity of human nature. We simply refuse to look beyond the end of our nose and ask what is best for us in the long term and there is an awful lot of ignorance in the world and I am not criticising anyone. Except the governments and authorities of the countries in which the tiger finds its habitat. But in the West they have done their bit to eradicated wildlife too.

For me, another factor in the continuing demise of the tiger is something said by Chief Wildlife Warden M C Malakar in respect of a man eating tiger. He said that there was no way out but to kill the tiger. He also said something that sends a chill down my spine:

"It is not advisable to push back a tiger to its habitat once it turns a maneater," he added. As the tiger habitat shrinks due to humankind's activities the tiger is forced to attack humans because it is forced into close proximity and its prey has also lost habitat so it has lost habitat and prey. The tiger should and could have been tranquillised but the crowd gathered around it agitated the tiger and the only way forward was to kill it. Same old story. The ignorance is staggering. But I blame the Warden. He was in charge and he failed to save this rare tiger. He failed to manage the people.

But I have to understand the people of the area (Kaziranga National Park (KNP). See map:

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I have made another post about this park. The post concerned poisoning tigers. I feel there is something suspicious going on in and around this nature reserve. The people living near it clearly want rid of the tiger and they are succeeding. I just feel there is some hidden agenda, which is leading to the tiger being exposed to human activity that jeopardises it.

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