Saturday 7 March 2009

The Fennec Fox and Cat

The fennec fox and cat can cohabit very nicely. I didn't realize that this small fox, a native of North Africa and Saudi Arabia is also domesticated in America. This fox is very small, the size of a small cat in fact (as the video below shows). See largest domestic cat breed for a size comparison.

I think in the video the fox wants to play and so does the cat but the cat looks a little more sheepish and is more cautious. Although the movie maker says this, "The cat always make unwanted advances to the Fennec. And, he(cat) is always scolded by the fennec. It is a spectacle from which this is seen very often in my home recently."

This is one of the comments,"Aww, that's adorable. They're both totally confused! The fennec obviously expects the cat to react somehow to its threatening voice. But the cat has no clue what's going on. Also, angry fennecs are insanely cute...I noticed it's sort of puffing at the matress with its nose. That must be instinctual behavior, I wonder if they tidy up their sandy dens in the wild like that?" This person makes a good point. The fox is doing something that it does instinctively in the wild it seems to me.

What is startling is the size difference between the fennec fox and cat. I thought for a minute that we had a very large domestic cat on our hands, then found out that this is a very small fox with very large ears.


  1. Actually, that's Japan, but they're kept as pets in America, too. ^_^

  2. Sadly they are not allowed as pets here in the UK, but I help out at a zoo that has them and they are amazing animals. They had babies a couple of months ago and their ears are small like a kittens, but they are the fasted growing part of their bodies and the ears finish up huge!!!


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