Tuesday 17 March 2009

Precious Show Cats?

Who said show cats were precious and had to be molly coddled (UK speak for handled very carefully and protected from the horrible world)? Well they don't really. They are just like any other cat, only more beautiful than most (sometimes, except for the over-bred "extreme type" cats, in my opinion). And here is a lovely Bengal kitten at a show enjoying himself as he or she would at home.

There is a lot of waiting to do at cat shows. And there is no better way than to play and this little one does it all the time. Bengals are active cats. They need to expend some energy. Maybe this is one reason why the breeder plays with her cat, to burn off some excess energy to make the cat more placid when being judged.

Another intelligent cat breed and one that needs our input (and who might get bored at cat shows) is the Sphynx. Here is one I met at the National Cat Club Show at Olympia in London:

Sphynx cat

Precious show cats? Nah..........

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