Monday 30 March 2009

Chartreux on a Stamp

chartreux cat on a stamp
Chartreux on a Stamp - a stamp from Azerbaijan.

Well, I am surprised and pleased to see this. OK, it was 1995 but it is very rare to have purebred cats on the stamps of a country. The cat depicted, the Chartreux, is one of the grey cat breeds. It is also a breed that is meant to look as it did some 400 years ago. The breeders are sworn to maintain the naturalness of the cat.

Azerbaijan is a neighbor of Georgia and is close to Russia. It is a sort of a satellite of Russia. Well, that is the way I see it. It is a small country. Russia does have quite a well developed cat fancy (cat breeders and cat shows etc.) and it may be that this is a spin off from the USSR years when Azerbaijan was a part of the Soviet Union. Here is where it is:

The Chartreux is a rare cat. As at 2005, 150m (manat) (the value) stamps were worth 1/30th of a dollar. So postage was incredibly cheap but of course earning would have been very low by USA standards.

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Chartreux on a Stamp -- Photo of Stamp: This is not copyrighted and the user Butko at Wikimedia uploaded the photo.

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