Thursday 12 March 2009

Iberian Lynx and Iberian Eagle

Iberia is full of manic, rabid Portugese men who love to shoot precious and endangered wildlife for the bl**dy fun of it! Iberia is Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar and a very small area of France. And the Iberian Lynx and Iberian Eagle are linked. The lynx is a precious, rare and critically endangered medium sized wildcat. Portugal's only nesting male Iberian eagle has just been shot (February 21 and 23, 2009) close to the nest in a protected area. This screams out volumes about the attitude towards rare and vulnerable wildlife by the people of that area.

Yes, captive, what else.

In short their attitude sucks, to use an American term. It is appalling. This is shocking and it is no wonder that the Iberian lynx has been sport hunted to near extinction by these idiotic medieval farmers in Portugal or worse it could be rich westerners who are prepared to pay extortionate sums for the pleasure of killing rare wild animals. As the animals become rarer through illegal sport hunting the perverse desire by these imbecilic people becomes heightened - they have got to kill the last one. Just to prove something they know not what.

When I read this hideous story about the Iberian eagle I have no, yes no, hope for the Iberian lynx because if the eagle can be shot so can the cat and it is bound to happen probably at the hands of the same person. If I could get my hands on him he would regret it, believe me. I'd probably regret it to! Come forward you sick person. I want to know who you are and I want to meet you and yes, I want to hurt you.

At 2005, there were a mere 80-95 surviving mature Iberian lynx in the wild. This is the most endangered "big cat" species in the world. And I am sure that for that precise reason there will be some perverse idiot who wants to kill it. We are mad.

Iberian Lynx and Iberian Eagle to Critically Endangered Iberian Lynx

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