Wednesday 4 March 2009

A Disabled Cat has no Bitterness

A disabled cat has no bitterness. In fact, in the case of an ordinary, yet extraordinary moggie cat, named Cougar, it is the opposite. Born with one poor eye only and uncared for she was picked up from the streets and then lost her second eye through medical reasons when she was cleaned up by the vets and spayed. She was totally blind.

Cougar was placed for re-homing and attended an adoption event at a Petsmart cat room doing adoptions, where Cougar met a human volunteer Lisa Wall who had bought her two kittens that she was fostering, to the event. This totally blind cat heard the kittens crying and became a volunteer herself, going over to care for, mother and wash them. It seems that what had happened is that at the time she was spayed and had her eye removed she was pregnant. I am not sure what happened to the kittens but clearly the maternal instincts took over and because keeping young kittens clean is so important she now has that job as Lisa asked to take her home.

I have taken the liberty of publishing her photo top right without permission of the photographer. I hope that is acceptable and if not just leave a comment - thanks.

Cougar has a sweet personality, no malice or bitterness, no "why did this happen to me" mentality, as some of us humans have. She just behaves as if she has eyes, playing with sound producing toys and being a typical domestic cat. Lisa says she never bumps into anything, a testament to the huge adaptability, finely tuned hearing and smelling senses of the cat.

But best of all it is the character, totally accepting in a totally blind cat, a great companion animal. A disabled cat has no bitterness. As I say in this post, a blind cat has great patience, dignity and hearing. By the way she is about one years old and a long hair grey and white cat.

A disabled cat has no bitterness to cat health problems

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  1. What a great story! If only we humans could live this way, what a wonderful world it would be, but Praise God, Jesus Christ heals all our wounds anyhow!


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