Sunday 15 March 2009

Can We Tell a Cat's Sex?

Can we tell a cat's sex? I can. I would say that! I live with a girl cat, Binnie (and elderly lady, actually, at 16-17 years of age) and care for a stray boy, Timmy, and occasionally love and feed a time-share girl cat (Pippa). They are all featured in the header of another blog, called Three Stray Cats.

Here is the header picture:

three stray cats

Now tell me you can't tell the difference. Look at Tim's face. "Hey dude, I'm a cool alley cat, top cat...." (see Top Cat Cartoon). He is straight out of one of the well know cartoon cats that are black and white (see Tuxedo cats).

So, we normally can tell the difference from both facial features (the same as for a human being) and from the size (the more obvious difference, although some female cats are going to be bigger than male cats, of course).

Now here is the test. I would like any visitor (maybe 2!) to tell me, starting LEFT and going RIGHT, in a comment, the sex of each of these gorgeous Maine Coon kittens photographed so beautifully by Helmi Flick. The picture is strictly copyright Helmi Flick, please note.

Photo strictly copyright Helmi Flick.

The person who gets 'em all correct gets a mystery prize!! See: How To Sex Kittens

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  1. This is what I think:

    From Left to Right:

    Male, male, male, female, female, female, male.

    Over the next contestant!

  2. Male male male, Female female female female.

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for participating. You have the same result as me. The photographer did not tell me the sex of these kittens so I am guessing just like you. I think we can guess pretty well though.


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