Wednesday 3 September 2008

Cat rescue in China

Cat rescue in China is actually happening and it is the Chinese who are doing the rescuing. For me it is great to read about feral cat rescue in China, the country where feral cats are rounded up, caged and beaten to death before being eaten.

Yet there is a report in the China Daily newspaper of a group of "animal lovers" (as the China Daily calls them - the newspaper uses the term in an almost derogatory manner, it seems) from the Shanghai Animal Protection Association who rescued 800 feral cats that were about to be shipped to Guangdong Province the place where they eat cats from dealers in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. About 1,500 cats were being shipped and 800 released. Great work, but it is so hard for the people of the Shanghai Animal Protection Association and the cats. Where did they go after being released? Will they survive and will they be recaptured? After all there are no animal protection laws in China so the police could do nothing really.

The really great thing is that this is happening and reported. It is the beginning, I hope, but there is a long way to go. The next significant step is for the Chinese government to create some effective law to prevent animal cruelty and protect animal rights and conservation.

I hope and pray that Cat rescue in China is the beginning of an enlightened era and the beginning of the end of the pain suffered by so many cats in China. Let us think of the 800 or so cats who were not rescued and who died a terrible death in the cat markets. I think China wants to feel "accepted" if that is a fair word to use. The fantastic effort and funding put into the Olympics seems to support this. Enacting laws to protect human and animal rights would be a fantastic step.

Cat rescue in China to cat meat name and shame

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