Havana Brown genetics

Havana Brown Genetics show inbreeding - In an article now published for some time and written in 2000, but only now discovered by me, the author Leslie Lyons PhD, says that the Havana Brown suffers from poor genetic diversity. The genetic diversity (meaning narrow gene pool or, effectively, but perhaps crudely described means the cat is or was inbred) is similar to or "as low as" that of the Florida Panther. I have a post on the Florida Panther which can be seen by clicking on this link: Florida Cougar.

The research was carried out professionally and funded by the Winn Foundation. 12 catteries contributed 50 Havana Brown cats for the DNA.

The cat breed needed to be outcrossed with suitable other breeds such as the chocolate Oriental Shorthair cat (similar conformation) to widen the gene pool and create healthier Havana Brown genetics.

Havana Brown genetics to Havana Brown


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