Friday 5 September 2008

American Burmese

American Burmese
American Burmese - Sable color - photo Copyright Helmi Flick

It is unfortunate for cat people that there is such a cat breed as the American Burmese as it automatically implies that it is differentiated from other Burmese cat breed(s) which is the case.

Americans have bred the Burmese along different lines and produced a different cat that is cobbier, compact, not so "foreign" in appearance and with a rounded head (almost mimicking to a certain extent, what happened to the flat faced Persian). The more extreme Persian has a health problem as a result and the same is the case with the American Burmese. Although I am sure Burmese cat breeders are doing all they can to resolve the matter.

The CFA recognize 4 colors: sable, champagne, blue and platinum for the American Burmese in contrast to the European Burmese, which has a wider range of colors (10). This is due to the introduction of the red gene. The introduction of this gene through outcrossing with Siamese. The full range of European Burmese colors are: chocolate-tortie, blue-tortie, lilac-tortie, brown, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, cream, brown-tortie.

You can read about the American Burmese generally on this page which focuses on the American Burmese cat breed but deals also with the European Burmese.

I personally believe that we need to at least think about perhaps turning the clock back a bit in the cat fancy to simplify and rationalize the cat breeds in the interest of health, the public and the cats. Although health issues related to breeds only applies to a limited number cat breeds (see genetic diseases in purebred cats). That though is my view and many will disagree with it. I think some people are perhaps too close to the issues to see the whole, the bigger picture. The recent Savannah cat ban into Australia is one example of the bigger picture.

I think that when cat breeders "over egg" the breeding process they may damage the cat fancy. At least they give ammunition to people who want to attack the cat fancy, which I find unfortunate. I would also like to see the Burmese cat as one cat breed and known as the same cat. And for that cat breed to be as healthy as possible.

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