Saturday 6 September 2008

Shaved cats

shaved cats
Shaved cats - for medical reasons - sorry no fancy shaving or lion cut.

Well my cat has become one of the shaved cats. And why? Well a few anxious moments were spent at the vets to have a look at her, er, um, rear end as it had become a bit sore and she was licking it at lot.

I posted about this earlier thinking she may have had a spot of Feline Alopecia (going bald sometimes by over grooming) or Feline Hyperesthesia (behavioral problem). The vet didn't really discuss this but another possibility was compacted cat anal sacs.

shaved cats
Google earth - no shaved cats syndrome and a bit of feline dandruff.

Anyway, all those theories boil down to practical solutions, which in this instance amounted to becoming one of the shaved cats. So, this one is not one of the lion cuts or fancy shaves some people get into but entirely for medical reasons.

Her bottom and rump was shaved. The rump was shaved because she was unable to groom that area and it had become matted and the bottom to make it more healthy as she is really quite long haired (well more medium haired but a very dense hair).

She was given and anesthetic to calm her for the shaving and an antibiotic injection for a possible infection to her anal sacs.

That's it for now...

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