Thursday 4 September 2008

Feline scooting

feline that does scooting
This is my cat and she is doing feline scooting.

My cat is scooting. She is not young anymore. She scoots after going to the toilet so I think scooting has two purpose but I could be wrong. First though, lets explain feline scooting, which is a cat dragging her bottom along the ground while driving herself forwards with her front legs.

The two reasons why my cat is scooting are (first main reason):

1. She wants or needs to empty her anal sacs that are located just inside the area of her anus. The sacs contain a substance that is strong smelling used for territorial marking and defense but are somewhat redundant in cats and dogs (the Skunk still finds them useful).

If they become blocked (perhaps through little use) they cause discomfort. Your cat might try and encourage the sacs to empty by scooting. Also if the sacs are infected she may scoot. Other signs are the presence of blood or pus in anal sac secretions and swelling either side of the anus. There may be an abscess.

2. To wipe the bottom (I'm not sure if this is the case, mind you - though it certainly looks that way)

My cat is doing it for the first reason and her rear end is a little infected and she licks it a lot. This tells me she probably has blocked anal sacs. Although an infection may be present. Of to the veterinarian tomorrow to see if I am correct.

In general feline scooting is a sign of anal itching. It can be caused by flea bites, anal sac disease (as mentioned above), roundworms, tapeworms and inflammation of the anus.

An inflamed anus and rectum can be caused by faeces adhering to the hair. The area may be irritated by passing hard, dry objects and hard dry stools, repeated diarrhoea, insect bites and internal parasites.

If a cat is scooting and licking and/or biting her rear this is probably due to an inflammation in that area causing discomfort and irritation.

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