Tuesday 23 September 2008

Cats hate doors

Come on - No cat flap - photo by Mr_Benn

Why do cats hate doors? Why are cat flaps an essential piece of furniture? Cats don't really understand the concept of doors; they're a human invention for the human world and environment.

Cats like to inspect their territory. This may be a quick check. It frequently will be a cursory check. The bl**dy door is in the way though.

One underlying reason for frequent visits to patrol territory is this. A cat will mark territory by rubbing against objects and/or spraying objects. The smell of the scent fades. It needs to be topped up. Cats can tell how recently a cat was in his territory by the strength of the scent.

Once topped up the cat can go back (via that damn door) to the security of his little den and rest peacefully in the knowledge that all is organized and ship shape. It's a bit like mowing the lawn or hoovering the carpet.

Cats hate doors to Moggy, the mixed breed cat.

Thanks to Desmond Morris - Cat Watching

Cats hate doors - Photo published under creative commons license - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

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