Thursday 18 September 2008

Bohemian Rex cat

The Bohemian Rex cat (or Bohemia Rex) originated in the Czech Republic in 1994 (although this could be 1981 or even as early as 1971 - the 1994 date comes from Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians Fourth Ed.). The breed is also called the Czech Curly Cat for this reason. This is one of the lesser-known Rex cats. The better-known ones are the: They all have curly cat coats. There are no pictures of this cat due to rarity or put it another way there are no pictures of the Bohemian Rex cat on the Internet that I can find. However, we can guess or imagine what this cat looks like. This breed is a curly haired Persian. Persians are long haired so this cat has flowing curls. Rex cats have soft fur as the hair strands are finer than usual. 

There are two types of Persian cat, Ultra or extreme meaning flat faced and Traditional Persian meaning Doll Face or a face of more normal appearance. This Bohemian Rex cat is a curly haired version of the traditional Persian. The Selkirk Rex cat has a body conformation like the Persian (see link above).

This is a Selkirk Rex a cat that is similar in body type to the Traditional Persian and with curly Rex hair so probably similar to the Bohemian Rex. I could not find a picture of the Bohemian Rex. The Selkirk Rex is a well-known cat breed which has recently been discussed more (2020) because of the distinctive coat. 

It is thought that this cat originates from the German Rex, which apparently was crossed with Persian cats (probably to enhance or alter the body conformation or increase hair length - my guesses) and the German Rex mutated gene was carried by Persian cats imported into the Czech Republic. See links to more fringe domestic cat breeds

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  1. Here are some pics of bohemian rex, from czech cattery Od potoků.


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