Thursday 4 September 2008

Allergen free cat

Allergen free cat
Ashera GD - Allergen free cat? Controversial - nice looking cat - photo copyright Life Style Pets Inc.

Is there such a thing as an allergen free cat? Allergens cause allergic reactions (see feline allergies). Cat dander (cat saliva and skin) contains allergens for some people that cause an allergic reaction. The percentage of people who are affected is small but significant. The allergen is called Felis domesticus allergen 1. This post talks about this particular allergen: Fel d1

There are no regular cat breeds that are hypoallergenic although some are claimed to be better than others (Siberian cat for example or the hairless cats - Sphynx being the classic - but they are still cleaned with saliva and they still have hair - downy hair).

There were proposals many years ago to genetically modify cats to create a cat that could not be allergic to humans but it seems this hasn't happened unless one believes Life Style Pets Inc. the company behind Allerca cats including the "flagship" Allerca cat the Ashera GD, which skeptics say are unregistered F2 Savannah cats. Life Style Pets say they are an allergen free cat.

However, I have not heard of any paying customers of Allerca cats claim compensation or sue Life Style Pets for breach of contract on the basis that they have become allergic to the cat they bought from them. As their customers would normally be only people who are liable to be allergic to cats, if the cats were not hypoallergenic there would be some problems which would normally surface on the Internet. Does anyone know of any claims for compensation?

Are there any other attempts to create an allergen free cat?

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  1. There are a handful of testimonials on the Allerca site, but many customers who've never gotten their cats. They only give the cats to people with moderate to mild allergies; in other words, the same people who could tolerate a cat like a Siberian. Meanwhile, although they claim to have hundreds of satisfied customers, people aren't posting on the web, only on their site. Right now the price has been raised to $15, astronomical amount for an unproven product.

  2. FRON LIFESTYLE PETS: the posting above is incorrect, as are many of the postings out there about the company. To answer the last comment: Lifestyle Pets does not give out cats to only those people moderately allergic - who told you this and what proof do you have? Many of them are so allergic to cats that they are off the testing scale - just ask our 300+ clients. Also, many have tried Siberians and reacted in as little as 15 minutes, yet have lived for months or years with the ALLERCA GD kittens/cats. As for delivery times, unlike traditional breeders, we do not breed kittens and then rush out to find owners - there is always a long waiting list for our kittens, which currently is between 9 and 12 months - but it means owners get their kittens at the right age to ensure proper socialization with their new family.

    The anonmous poster (who should call us to get the facts before they make themselves look ridiculous) would then know that the current price is $7,900, and each kitten comes with a lot more included compared to when someone purchases a normal kitten. As for unproven, you need to argue that one with our 300+ clients, about 5% of whom have come back to purchase a second kitten.

  3. Hi Thanks for the comments, it is appeciated.

  4. "just ask our 300+ clients."

    Ok, can I have their contact information? Thanks.

  5. A little more digging around, and I'm convinced these guys are con-men:

    Scam artists, at best.

  6. oh... a bit more digging... and I see the founder has done jail time for his other scams:


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