Thursday 25 September 2008

Egyptian Mau pictures

Here are two of the very best Egyptian Mau pictures that you will see on the Internet. They are by Helmi Flick. They are show cats. So you've got the best cats by the best photographer....simple really. Better than that I have made a comparison with Egyptian feral cats.

The Egytian Mau is a very exotic looking cat in the show rings of America. In Egypt slightly less glamorous or refined versions of this cat are seen on the streets foraging for food and as I understand it persecuted by some people (in authority?).

These Egyptian Mau pictures show you how this breed has been developed or put it this way, the pictures show you how, I think this cat breed, might have been developed.

Egyptian Mau
These are feral cats in Egypt. The large cat and her sibling, on the left (I am guessing that this might be the case) look a bit like less refined versions of the purebred Egyptian Mau in America. "Mau" means "cat" in English. Click on the photograph for a bigger image or here to see the cats better. Photo by Jeff_Werner. This cat breed is meant to have a belly flap to enhance speed. This cat has one but is probably due to age and having kittens. I am dubious about the "belly flap" argument. A flexible spine is more valuable for speed. The belly flap would also seem to be called a "primordial pouch". It is seen on the Bengal cat as well and wildcats as it allows food to be stored between well spaced out kills. In domestic cats it can be filled with fat through over feeding when it is called "spay sway". Spaying, the neutering of femals cats can result in fatter cats hence the term.

The next picture shows a purebred show cat. This is a silver Egyptian Mau.

Egyptian Mau
Silver Egyptian Mau - Luke - photograph copyright Helmi Flick - contrast between the pattern, in this case spots, and the background should be distinct i.e. in high contrast as is the case.

Egyptian Mau
Egyptian Mau kittens photograph copyright Helmi Flick

I think we can see a likeness between these lovely kittens and the feral kitten in the picture at the top of this post. The eyes should be alert and gooseberry green.

You can see a lot more on this cat breed here:

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