Friday 5 September 2008

Arctic Curl cat

The Turkish Angora cat if and when crossed with a Selkirk Rex results in the Arctic Curl. To the best of my knowledge and after a search there are no photos of this cat breed. Sorry. Visualise a handsome white cat - the Turkish Angora - with ears that curl back as seen in the American Curl. Correction: I think I have found one! :) Here she is:

Arctic Curl cat
Arctic Curl cat. Photo believed to be in the public domain.

The Arctic Curl is a proposed new cat breed and the word "curl" is not included in the name to describe curled ears as is the case for the established American Curl. The term "curl" for this cat relates to the hair and the curly cat coat comes from the Selkirk Rex, one of the Rex cats, the others are the Devon Rex and LaPerm. 

There are others but these are the main current cat breeds with curly hair. The LaPerm has either short or long curly hair.

As mentioned, the Arctic Curl is a cross between the Selkirk Rex and the Turkish Angora. The breeder who is proposing it is based in the UK, Tremarie Persians, Chinchillas and Selkirk Rex

The cattery owner, Penny Odell is aiming for a cat that looks like the Turkish Angora with slightly rounder eyes and the coat semi-long and curly.

Her preference is for white cat coats with blue eyes and this I presume is the reason why the cat is called an "Arctic Curl".
She is also interested in the shape of the ear and how that might develop by possibly incorporating the Balinese breed as an outcross. Of course, in due course a Standard of Points (the GCCF equivalent of the breed standard) will eventually have to be drafted. This I am guessing is quite a tricky task. 

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