Abyssinian Bobtail

The Abyssinian Bobtail is a cat that is neither purebred not pedigree but possibly a feral Abyssinian cat that has suffered a genetic mutation resulting in a very short tail.

Either that or someone decided to cross a short tailed cat such as the Manx, Japanese Bobtail or Kurilian Bobtail (there are of course others) with an Abyssinian cat, an exercise that I am not sure is or was sensible. (or am I being too harsh?)

As I said, no cat association has recognized this cat breed. If the breed does or did exist it is a breed that could be argued is a breed too far (i.e. an unecessary breed without merit)in my opinion. Genetic mutations that produce shortened tails can also produce conditions that affect the health of the cat. Read about the Manx cat.

I have been unable to find a picture of the Abyssinian Bobtail, sorry.

Abyssinian Bobtail to Abyssinian cat


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