Thursday 18 September 2008

Cats don't like noise

Nothing to do with cats don't like noise - just a nice picture of a nice tabby cat - photo by degeerelle

Cats don't like noise and sometimes we make a lot of noise without realizing it. We live in a noisy world and it seems most of us get used to it. Noise is quite debilitating.

I know that my cat is slightly disturbed when I argue with my girlfriend. This is something I deeply regret. I am making it a point not to argue, mostly for the sake of my cat! It is not only the shouting but the outpouring of aggression that goes with arguments that cats pick up on.

Sometimes cats simply go walkabout to get out of the house and never come back. A neighbor of mine was always doing DIY, building and knocking down bits of her house. She never stopped and she had a cat who I am told used to hide under the floorboards out of fear. Eventually the cat moved out and lived rough for a while, got very thin and came into my house. She was a lovely forgiving cat, extremely gentle. She ate and went.

My neighbor on the other side also fed and her and she stayed with my neighbor for two years before dying. She was probably worn out by a hard life. This is one example of how cats don't like noise.

There are numerous instances that demonstrate that cats don't like noise and how it can disturb cats who have incredible hearing so sounds are louder for a cat. My cat picks up sounds I barely hear and my hearing is cat like! The classic noise maker is fireworks. These have got louder and longer over the years. They seem to start a month before they are meant to (4th Nov. in the UK) and go on afterwards too. My cat gets disturbed by the noise. Another good example is builders, plumbers etc. coming into the home to do repairs. My cat hates this. She is even frightened by the sound of the lorries engine. This though may be partly due to her early years (before I found her). I am sure though that other cats don't like noise as much as my girl.

Lets think about our cats when we make noise and not just ourselves. It is a good motivator to making the world a quieter place.

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