Rhode Island Spay and Neuter

Just a very quick note to say that I have just noticed that the state of Rhode Island enacted a law (not sure when) that obliges cat owners/keepers to spay a neuter their cats by the age of 6 months. Failure to do this results in a fine of $75 unless they person pays a $100 breeder license fee. I wonder how this Rhode Island Spay and Neuter law is enforced? Spot checks? Nice idea I think, long overdue in fact but I see difficulty in enforcing this when we consider the number of domestic cats involved. And how do the authorities establish ownership of the cat in question.

The keeper could simply say that the cat came in off the street very recently for example.

The Rhode Island Spay and Neuter law is in response to the numbers of cats that require re-homing and feeding at shelters. In addition there is the mass euthanasia problem of feral cats which is totally unacceptable obviously. See no kill cat shelters.

This seems to be a thing of the future. It is the kind of action the Australian government should take to tackle the feral cats of Australia. See feral cats.

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