Wednesday 17 September 2008

F1 Savannah and F1 Safari Stolen in Florida

A cat breeder has had an F1 Savannah and F1 Safari Stolen in Florida. Both are wildcat hybrid first generation cats, rare and valuable cats. This post is to try and help (if the post ever gets seen!). I am sorry to hear about. The cats were in an enclosure - see photo. The cattery owner is Debra. I'd like to publish her phone number but it is probably the wrong thing to do.

F1 Savannanh cat - Ivy
This is IVY a fantastic looking cat. She is an F1 Savannah cat. You can read more about Savannah cats generally and read about F1 Savannah. Both Debra's cats were microchipped.

F1 Safari cat - Lilly
Lilly - F1 Safari cat - White/Silver with big brown rosettes - see Safari cat details. This cat was bred by crossing Geoffroy cat (a wild cat) and Egyptian Mau.

Please leave a comment if you have any knowledge of this very distressing theft. I feel for both the cats (it must be very difficult for them as cats like routine and familiar surroundings) and Debra who is understandably very distressed.

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