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Bramble Cat

Bramble cat 

The Bramble cat - photo credit: Gary Bramlett.

The Bramble cat is named after the founder Gary Bramlett and for the reason that the coat is wiry. Just to be absolutely precise a bramble bush is a particular type of prickly shrub or bush which is difficult to negotiate if one is inclined to pick fruit from it. 

The term "bramble" would also seem to refer to the "wiry underbrush" (src: Designer Cat Association) found in bushes. The coat is not prickly but very nice to touch. This is a nice name.
Bramble cat
Bramble cat - Photo: Gary Bramlett

The Bramble cat is registered with the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR). The picture above is from that registry.

Rare and Exotic Feline Registry's description

The Rare and Exotic Feline Registry tells us that this cat breed has a wire coat that is "similar to a wirehaired fox terrier dog". They confirm that the breeder used "influences from the Peterbald, Bengal, and a few other breeds".

The name originates in the short underbrush found, I guess, in Australia. This reflects the cat's wiry coat. The above-mentioned registry says that the coat does not shed. I would have to take issue with that because all domestic cat codes shed hair unless they have no coat at all such as the hairless cats.

The Bramble cat comes in any coat type and colour. At their character, they are said to have a strong personality and be people orientated. They've inherited some of the Bengal cat character apparently been described as "fearless". Although it is not clear that that this cat has any Bengal cat genes. 

They are slightly larger than the average domestic cat and more muscular. To me the Bramble looks like a regular domestic cat in size. There are some similarities to the American Wirehair.

This cat is said to be very agile and athletic. In terms of character, it will also mean that this cat is active and perhaps a little mischievous. 

Other sources

Other sources tell me that the Bramble cat has a wide range of coat types the most usual being a rosetted (cloud like spots) coat that is a ticked (broken appearance). The Abyssinian has the classic ticked coat. The Bengal has the classic rosetted spots (see Bengal cat coat). The American Wirehair has the classic wirehair coat. 

The breed was created at Gary Bramlett's cattery Magnoliachat Cattery. Gary was influenced by the Bengal (a very athletic cat with plenty of "bling"), the Peterbald (a cat with a sparse and very interesting coat that varies between hairless and a "brush") and other breeds, which have been incorporated into the breeding program.

Bramble cat - Photo: I have published this photograph without first seeking Gary Bramlett's permission. I very rarely do this. I have done it on this occasion for the sake of expediency and provided a link to Gary Bramlett's cattery in return. If anyone objects, please leave a comment and I'll remove the picture immediately. Update: see Gary's comment below - thanks Gary.

  • Gary Bramlett's website
  • Messybeast
  • The Designer Cat Association


  1. Hi, I am Gary Bramlett (you had the spelling a little wrong on my name, but right on the cat breed). I don't mind you posting the picture at all. For more information, my email is garybr01@aol.com. I will be glad to answer any questions about this wonderful and exciting breed. The coat is not curly, it lies flat against the body. The cat has absolutely no shedding at all. A wonderful breed for those looking for the exotic, yet lovable. Very entertaining breed of cat. Plenty of videos on youtube. Just put "Magnoliachat" in the search engine.

  2. Hi Gary

    Thanks for the comment and picking up on the typo on your name - I'm sorry about that and have corrected it.

    Thanks to for the extra information. It is really nice to get info. from the source. I have slightly amended the post to make reference to your comment.

  3. No problem! Glad to help in any way I can. The cat is growing in popularity now. I am an established breeder of the Peterbald and am one of the oldest continuous breeders of the Peterbald in the U.S. - still have the first Peterbald in the U.S., which is the daughter of the very first Peterbald. The Bramble is a a much different cat than the Peterbald and appeals to a different group of people. Please feel free to email me anytime for more information at garybr01@aol.com

  4. Hi Gary, thanks again for the extra information. This is appreciated. I am glad the Bramble cat on this site is top on a Google listing at the moment. I'll list your cattery on the Peterbald page too.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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