Monday 1 September 2008

American Snughead

Dutch (left) and Daisy at 6 months of age - photo by OneofThem

The American Snughead is an alternative name, I suppose an informal name, coined by cat fanciers for the great, the wonderful, the lovable, Maine Coon, America's cat.

You can see the best and I mean the best photographs of Maine Coon cats by clicking on this link:

Maine Coon cats

Lets get technical, what does "snughead" really mean? I guess a head against which we can snuggle. The definition of "snuggle" is "to lie or press close together" (src: - we already knew).

Yep, you could do a lot worse than press your face into the soft luxurious fur of this fantastic cat breed the second most popular by my reckoning after the Siamese cat. I love the American Snughead.

American Snughead to Siamese cat

photo published under a creative commons license - Attribution License


  1. You forgot to mention their fetching habit of eating with their paw. Our Miss Kitty has always had irreproachable table manners for a cat, eating her kibble one kib at a time, daintily plucked from her dish and held betwixt toe and pad until it reaches her mouth--just like a good Maine Coon should.



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