Thursday 18 September 2008

Some cats have many keepers

stray cat black and white tuxedo
Stray cat Timmy sleeping off four sachets of cat food plus some Tuna.

Some cats have many keepers. They are not stray cats or feral cats. They just don't have one home to go to. And this is not that uncommon. Cats can sometimes cross family boundaries and be part of the lives of a number of families who don't necessarily know each other.

For example I feed a stray cat. I call him Timmy. He comes and goes and eats and eats then sleeps and then goes... Does he go somewhere else in between coming to see me? I think he does sometimes. But this is fine by me. It is nice to share like this.

Recently a cat more famous than Timmy was in the news. He was adopted by half a dozen different homes and he brought them together when he died recently after 14 years travelling from one home to the other. The people who fed and loved this cat probably didn't meet that much normally but together they left a tribute to this cat called Ginger, Dave, Atkinson and Fonzworthy III. When Ginger was ill they'd contribute to his vet's bill.

One person said that Ginger "touched many people". Some cats have many keepers. When they do they touch many people rather than one family. This is nice and a testament to how the humble domestic cat improves our lives.

Some cats have many keepers to household pets (mixed breed cats) - you'll see some fabulous mixed breed moggie cats on this page.

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