Friday 25 July 2014

What An Animal Gas Chamber Looks Like

What An Animal Gas Chamber Looks Like

This is a cross-post to an article I wrote a while ago but Google is not picking it up.
"..During this process the animals are put into a small box with many other animals (sometimes up to 30. The gas is turned on they are scared and cramped as this gas fills their lungs it starts burning their insides and eyes. They then begin to panic and cry for help as they bleed from their cavities, vomit and defecate all over (literally) and finally after enduring this for several minutes they take their last breath... As all of this is going on they are usually fully conscious." (Olga's email to me - thank you Olga)

To think that animal shelter volunteers and staff deliberately place dogs and cats into these horror machines to kill them in a way that is for me reminiscent of the Holocaust.

Sorry to mention that but it has the same flavour about it and I don't see why we can't mention it in relation to animals as well as people. I don't know how widespread gas chambers are at shelters today in 2014 but at one time they were not that uncommon in the USA.

There has been a cutback in their numbers towards more humane methods but very late in the day because after all gas chambers are cheaper. You just stuff the animals into the chamber, let them writhe around in fear and terror in their own vomit and faeces and when it is all over you drag out the corpses and stick them in a bin and hose down the gas chamber, I guess.

That's the human race and their relationship with domestic animals at the dirty end, the end you don't want to see and don't get told about -- the end of the operation that is brushed under the carpet and conveniently forgotten.


  1. An extensive study and broadcast on the BBC network on the most humane ways to kill a human (in regards to death-penalties), was also presented as applicable to humane animal euthanasia for the pet and food industries.

    Out of ALL the methods they researched and the researcher himself even tested (right up to but not actual death) was Death by Hypoxia. This is the loss of oxygen to the blood. This is by far, no hold's barred, above all the rest -- THE MOST HUMANE METHOD EVER FOUND.

    Any living organism (with higher functioning nervous systems, i.e. has a brain) will die in a complete and total state of euphoria, not even aware they are facing death. This was one of the methods that the researcher even used on himself to test it. He allowed himself to be monitored under the conditions of high-altitude situations, where the air was withdrawn from the chamber. He was having a blast and didn't even realize that in the next 30 seconds he was going to be dead. (The people monitoring his life-signs pulled him out before then.)

    This is also the source of the phrase "Rapture of the Deep" for divers, when they run out of oxygen. Ask any drowning survivor and they'll tell you what an interesting and wonderful experience it was to face death. None of them ever fear death anymore after surviving a drowning. Once a human or animal gets over the initial discomfort of holding their breath -- it's euphoric blissville all the way to death.

    The ONLY reason that the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) does not condone the use of drowning -- is because that's $80-$120 out of their pockets each time someone uses this method.

    Here's a link to that research that was broadcast on PBS not long ago:

    BBC - Horizon - The Science of Killing -

    You know those "gas chambers" that all cat-lickers are up in arms about? THOSE ARE ACTUALLY THE MOST HUMANE WAY OF ALL.

    And if you still don't like the idea of drowning? Then CO2 can also be used for euthanasia by hypoxia. And that IS approved by the AVMA and is also supported as a humane AND LEGAL method to put down an animal. According to this documentation: Doing a quick check online, a 16-gram C02 cartridge for a paintball-gun creates 6.57 liters of gas. Which is almost exactly 400 cubic inches of space at 100% concentration. Considering they use 30% to 50% concentration of CO2 for humane euthanasia, you could use a 16-gram CO2 cartridge to euthanize a cat in an 800-1200 cubic-inch area of confinement. (8" to 12" x 10" x 10") That seems pretty small, so adjust number of cartridges required accordingly. They lose consciousness in under 1 minute and have respiratory arrest in under 5 minutes. (from above document) Just get the right fittings and valve for paintball CO2 cartridges.

    Again, Michael, you prove yourself to be a bliss-ninny FOOL. LOL! When are you going to catch-on? Oh, that's right. I forgot. The very concept of "moron" is someone who is too fucking stupid to even realize that ARE that stupid. That be YOU! LOL!!!

    1. If you are correct why are gas chambers being phased out by shelters and why are pets always euthanised by injection at vet clinics?

    2. Mr. Glorified Bird Watcher/Jimbo.
      You have already stated that a bullet is the most humane end to a cat.
      Now, you're changing in midstream to say that a gas chamber is?
      When I interviewed the folks on Roosevelt, they had a different opinion - and one of you.

    3. Comment you big bird licker!

    4. You freakin' morons. They do injections because THEY CAN $CHARGE$ MORE. Haven't you got it through your thick-skulls yet? It doesn't matter which animals they kill or which must die -- even to feed your cats for you, as long as they are on the most money-making side of it all (JUST LIKE YOURSELVES). Cat-lickers (that be you) are the top #1 most active proponents of the MOST animals being killed on earth for financial gain. If not for yourselves, then for your cats' survival.

    5. And get your sad and pathetic stories right. A bullet or being drowned are the MOST HUMANE and MOST COST-EFFECTIVE. Who's going to fart around with C02 cartridges or building a vacuum chamber to get rid of a neighbor's destructive and disease-infested cat? That's just insanity to pursue that route. When shooting or trapping and drowning can be done with all that you already have at-hand -- wasting even fewer valuable minutes out of your life for the years that a senseless cat-licker has tried to destroy your life with their vermin garbage-cats. Problem solved PERMANENTLY. -- FOR LESS THAN A PENNY. Unless the cat-licker is so stupid as to get another cat and continue-on in their criminally irresponsible and disrespective behaviors. They ALL eventually learn. After you've made at least 12-15 of their vermin permanently disappear. Some of them are even more stupid than that. I had to shoot and bury hundreds of them before they finally caught-on to what happens to every last one of their free-roaming vermin "kitties". Not seen nor heard even one in nearly five years now. Even the most stupid humans can be taught if they suffer enough loss in their lives.

    6. Woody why don't you just shut up for once? 99% of people who happen to stumble across your idiotic comments understand that you are a complete moron and a bastard. You are detested Woody.


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