Monday 7 July 2014

The Folly of Keeping a Pet Lion

I have no idea how this video got made because the people who own the lioness would obviously prefer if the video was not published on YouTube because it doesn't look that good does it? As I understand it, the lion's owners were being interviewed and a film crew was present filming it. In which case I am surprised at the poor quality of the video.

It seems pretty clear to me that the lioness is not attacking the man but perhaps playing or embracing the man in some way but in doing that such a large and strong animal is going to cause some injury and in this case it is minor injuries, thankfully. Perhaps the greater injury is to the person's mind because if it had got out of hand it could have been very nasty. It may have been traumatic for the man leaving him in fear of cats. There may PTSD. He should sue for compensation!

Here kitty, it's dinner time.

I don't know about anybody else but to me it looks highly incongruous to have a lioness walking around your home like this as if she is a pet. Surprisingly it is not that uncommon in the USA.


  1. Well, aside from my belief that no lion should be a pet, the cameraman involved placed himself in that potentially harmful situation. I doubt that he was forced, and I would guess that plenty of release of responsibility forms were signed (so no lawsuit). Probably not one of his smartest assignment choices. He would probably do underwater filming of someone's pet shark too.

    1. Yes, good point about signing a waiver. I guess you have to because of the real danger which makes it all the more odd to have a lion as a pet.


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