Saturday 26 July 2014

Money Stolen from Clarksburg Cat Shelter

The Clarksburg Cat Shelter rely on volunteers to run the shelter and their store. They rely on donations from the public to care for the 60 or more cats in their care. It is all for the good.

Yet, someone, totally devoid of scruples decided to steal the donation box on their counter.

From now on they bolt down the donation box. Good isn't it? Modern life I guess.


  1. Unlike you, Michael, who steals money from people outright and openly.

    1. Woody, I think that is a defamatory comment. You could be sued on that.

  2. That action is one of the lowest of the lows.

    1. Yes, it makes me wonder how people can do it. They haven't learnt the meaning of morals.


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