Monday 7 July 2014

World’s Ugliest Cat?

World’s Ugliest Cat?

Ugliest cat on the planet?
Is there such a cat? It is unfair ;) Although he is pretty ugly. But a cat this conventionally ugly can actually be attractive to many people because his appearance is special and different. He's more cute than ugly. That is probably the consensus of opinion.

This cat must carry a genetic mutation similar to the one that creates the Sphynx and Don Sphynx. In fact in appearance "Uggs" is more like the Peterbald from Russia which is often a partially bald cat but not in this way. The mane of hair needs grooming. Perhaps they leave it deliberately ungroomed to enhance the ugliness.


  1. Awww...
    He's not ugly, just unique.
    The video compares the mane to a lion and, from his profile shot, he really resembles a lion.

    1. He is a most peculiar looking cat but he is cute and special. Strange form of hair loss or hair non-growth.


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