Monday 14 July 2014

148,000 FB Likes - Mother Cat Cuddles her Kittens ...

Best Pictures of Cats and More: 148,000 FB Likes - Mother Cat Cuddles her Kittens ...: This photo is oriented upside down on Facebook! Perhaps it is better upside down. Perhaps it was deliberately twisted upside down (180%) to...This is a cross-post. The picture is right-side up on this page.

The photo has 148,000 likes on Facebook. That is a lot and it just reinforces what we already know that we like kittens, we like mothers with kittens and we like them because we are subliminally anthropomorphising cats. Kittens with their mother pushes the baby button in women especially when mom hugs her kittens like this.

Total protection. It looks very uncomfortable though I must say -- hard floor and the little kitten on the bottom is squashed a bit but in a very loving way.

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