Friday 4 July 2014

In Buying Cat Food Are You Supporting Bad Things?

What about pet food that contains the mashed up carcasses of euthanised shelter cats? Does it happen? No one talks about but I am sure it happens.

What about canned cat food that contains fish? Trash fish. What if the fish in your cat food comes from Thailand. If you live in America Thailand is the biggest exporter to the country with respect to dog and cat food in "sealed airtight containers" (wet cat food?) - source:

Ground up fish that is deemed unfit for human consumption  - fish unpalatable for people which ideally should have been left in the ocean - is a common ingredient in pet food.

Well, some of this "trash fish" is fished by Cambodian and Burmese workers who are employed by Thai bosses.

We are told that these Thai bosses routinely abuse their employees. There is one reported incident which is at the extreme end of employee abuse.

"I saw an entire foreign crew shot dead...The boss didn't want to pay up so he lined them up on the side of the boat and shot them one by one". 

Can you believe that? It seems unbelievable but it is probably true.

It appears that foreign employees on Thai-owned fishing boats are treated as slave labour. No more no less. 

Do we know? Do we care when we buy tasty, fish flavoured canned cat food from the supermarket shelf?

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