Friday 4 July 2014

NZ: Law Allows Cat Hoarder to Remain Anonymous

This is an interesting story. It concerns an aspect of cat hoarding I have not covered before. A lady living in Invercargill, New Zealand was in breach of the city by-law by failing to care for a specified, limited number of cats. I don't know the restriction but perhaps we don't need to know because she kept at least 25 cats according to her neighbour because he saw them on the drive. That is too much for any standard house/apartment in a residential area.

The lady was also in breach of the NZ Health Act 1956 in creating a nuisance. She had been charged with keeping too many cats. At the initial stages of criminal proceedings she was allowed to keep her name confidential. I don't know what the law or protocol is in NZ which allows this but it must cover all criminal proceedings under certain proscribed circumstances.

Subsequently, a judge in the case, Michael Turner, ruled that the court could no longer justify suppressing her name. Her name is: Averil Maree Gardiner.

She appealed the decision but it was obviously a misplaced appeal because her name was, at that time, in the public domain and you can't put it back into the "anonymous box" once it is out. She withdrew her appeal.

I understand the driving force in going too far in cat rescue but a rescuer must know her limits. To fail to do so puts the person at risk of neighbour disputes and criminal charges. More important than both of these acute problems is that it ultimately hurts the cats because the rescuer can no longer cope, neglects cats and the cats suffer major health problems and worse.

The story.


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